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Honor Roll
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After tapping the Crusader icon, one of the for icons you'll see is one for Honor Roll. Collecting Honor in the Lost Kingdom is a very important task, and the sooner you start taking it seriously in this event, the better chance you will have in unlocking the best rewards for you as an individual, for your alliance, and for your kingdom!

The rewards for accumulating honor are MASSIVE. There are a few ways that you can accumulate honor:

1) Defeating Barbarians

This will get you honor points as follows:

Defeat Level 26-30 Barbarians: 5 honor points

Defeat Level 31-35 Barbarians: 8 honor points

Defeat Level 36-40 Barbarians: 10 honor points

The best way to farm barbarians for honor in the lost kingdom is to grab the Action Point Recovery Rune and send out all five of your commander teams to hard barbarbians level 36 or above together.

Even better if you can grab a few friends from your alliance to do it with you, it will mean fewer trips back home to restore your troop's energy. Try to utilise your 'Peacekeeper' commanders, usually their Action Point cost will be less.

2) Defeating Barbarian Forts

This will get you honor points as follows:

Defeat a level 6 Barbarian Fort: 15 honor points

Defeat a level 7 Barbarian Fort: 25 honor points

Defeat a level 8 Barbarian Fort: 35 honor points

Defeat a level 9 Barbarian Fort: 45 honor points

Defeat a level 10 Barbarian Fort: 60 honor points

If you have the option, probably farming barbarians at level 36 and above generates a better yield of honor points that forts, unless you have a steady stream of level 9 or 10 forts. Less than level 9, for sure you are better off spending your action points on farming barbarians in a group.

3) Complete gathering at a resource point

This will get you 3 honor points, and will the points are useful, it's not really a good way to gain honor points - It's just too slow

4) Continual Occupation of an Ancient Ruins or Altar of Darkness

This is a really interesting option for gaining a heap of honor points for zero action points costs. It really depends on whether your alliance is strong and occupy already these Ancient Ruins and Altars of Darkness, if they do, then daily, or on some other time schedule, depending on the Ruin/Altar you'll have the opportunity to site at the site and gain honor points.

Anciet Ruins - Occupy for Honor Points
Anciet Ruins - Occupy for Honor Points

Look out for the timer, on each of the sites, this will tell you when the bubble will drop and the event will begin, then you'll need to fight of the believers that spawn and then tap the altar or ruin to assemble it. This is best done as an alliance and not really something that is practical as a solo effort.

It can be a little confusing at first but basically you start earning honor after the blue shield timer runs down, then you can earn for the duration of the event for as many sets of commanders you have at the building, you can withdraw troops at any point to battle the believers, and then asssemble the ruins again.

When the time switches back to a long delay before the next event, at that point you'll stop earning honor, so should leave.

Tip: If you really want to get a lot of honor, then check in your kingdom chat who has the next rotation of the the dark altars and ruins and try to get a spot in that alliance, if you can skip between a few alliances then you can get in more rotations of the dark altars and ruins.

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