Rise of Kingdoms

How do I increase my number of kills?

How do I increase my number of kills? I slaughter all sorts of barbarians and participate in rally attacks and my # is flat?

GuestOct 25th 2018

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AppGamer Answered:

Maybe try attacking another City. However be careful as it would start a war with another Alliance.

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Guest Answered:

By just attacking players that are farming. For me, attacking cities is a bad idea. You will likely waste some troops. But I suggest you to leave your Alliance first before you start the kill event. Then rejoin for a few hours, to avoid unnessesary wars.

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Guest Replied
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You can always do the mightest governor event. On the 5th n 6th day, is the killing event. You can kill any farmers that are out farming without consequences of starting a war. But do note on the rules and regulations set by the king as there could be safe time and safe zones. This will increase your kill rate but do note on your hospital capacity
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