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How to redeem free dice with links in Monopoly GO!

By Richard Gardner | Updated: May 20th 2024

Instead of redeem codes, in Monopoly Go it's possible to get free dice links for extra rolls, or by using the Facebook friends feature.

We take a look below at how to use both methods to get free dice in Monopoly GO!

Monopoly GO Free Dice Links Every Day
Monopoly GO Free Dice Links Every Day

All Monopoly Go Free Dice Links Today - Updated 20th May 2024

We've checked for new free dice links on the 20th May, on Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and Discord. Will check again later.

To use these free dice links just click on them using the same device that you play Monopoly GO on. The link should then open your game and either give you the free dice if the link is still active, or tell you that the dice can not be claimed (because the link it too old). Any links in the comments at the very bottom of the game generally are not free dice links.

If you play Bingo Blitz, then check out our new daily free rewards links for that game here: Free Bingo Blitz Credits and Rewards

Banner Event: May 18th-21st - Fortune Patrol

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New Tournament: May 20th-21st - Constructor Clash

Monopoly Go Constructor Clash Rewards (May 20th-21st)

New Event: May 16th-May 21st - Robo Partners - Monopoly Go

How to get more Robo Partners Batteries in Monopoly Go

If the links don't work the first time, try restarting your app. Or if you are trying today's links, you may need to try again a bit later, as they may not be activated for everyone right away.

20th May 2024

19th May 2024

18th May 2024

17th May 2024

16th May 2024

15th May 2024

14th May 2024

13th May 2024

12th May 2024

11th May 2024

10th May 2024

9th May 2024

8th May 2024

7th May 2024

6th May 2024


12th May: We checked and removed a lot of older links as the list was too long and the old links were no longer working.

Join our Monopoly Go Forum community to trade and chat with other players.

The best way to get free Monopoly GO! Dice Links is via the Official Monopoly GO Instagram, the Official Monopoly GO Facebook and the Official Monopoly GO Discord.

Instagram Links Explained

When you visit, click on the profile picture on the left and view the stories, contained in the stories are sometimes links that will give you 25 free dice when you click on them.

Older ones can be hard to find, so below you can find some of the recent Monopoly GO Instragram links in case you've missed any.

Monopoly GO Official Discord Dice Links Explained

Another great official place to regularly get free dice links from is the Monopoly GO! Official Discord, join their Discord and check the Announcements board and along with other game announcements there are usually a few dice links every week.

Apart from getting free dice links, the Discord is also a great place to chat with other players, find out what's going on with the game and also to swap stickers with other Monopoly GO fans.

Here are some links that we've seen on this Discord that you may have missed. Although joining their server and getting the links directly is always the best way.

Facebook Monopoly GO Dice Links Explained

Free dice links are also published on the Official Monopoly GO Facebook page, it's always best to get the links directly from their page, but if you've missed any or don't have or want to use Facebook, we've listed some that we've found below.

We are not responsible for the links on this page, please use at your own risk.

Watch out for unofficial social accounts that give fake links - probably best not to follow those!

If you see free dice links for a large amount of dice, be very careful, it's probably not legit. Monopoly GO usually only give away 25-50 free dice, usually 25 or 30, so remember, if it looks too good to be true it probably its.

There are many dubious accounts on Facebook, Reddit and Discord that share fake links, it can be hard to tell. This is why we recommend only using links from the official admins of the official social accounts for the game.

These free dice links don't last for long, so in order to be on top of the latest free Monopoly GO! free dice links you probably have to follow the official social channels, they are:

Facebook - Monopoly GO!

Instagram - Monopoly GO!

Monopoly GO! Official Discord Group

So, via those social channels, from time to time you may be able to get links that when clicked will open your game and deliver you free dice rolls.

When I've used these links in the past I've only got about 25 or 30, so you don't get too many, but every roll helps I guess!

Facebook Friend Links Free Dice

There are quite a few other unofficial Discord groups that cover Monopoly GO! We can't vouch for any of them, but we do know that they are being used to trade stickers and also get get free dice links via the Facebook friend feature.

How this works is someone sets up a new Facebook account and starts a new game. Then they distribute their Facebook link code from the game and that way people that become Facebook friends with this new account get free dice.

There is a cap to this method, and it's a tad shady, but people do seem to be using this workaround.

New Facebook Dice Limits

Due to the Facebook friend system being abused by people to get thousands of dice, Scopely have introduced new limits to how many dice you can get from Facebook friends.

The new limits are that you can receive dice from up to 10 Facebook friends only, giving a limit in total of 1,000 dice.

If you have been active in Monopoly Discord servers and Reddit over the past weeks you would have seen how many offers there were for free dice links from people setting up fake Facebook accounts. Sure everyone wants free dice, but it means an unfair competitive advantage against people that just want to play the game fairly.

Also you should be staying away from anyone offering free dice for money. It would not surprise me at all if Scopely banned accounts that have been using these offers on various Discord channels.

All About the New Sticker Packs

New Sticker Packs Explained

Official Monopoly GO! Discord

We should give a special mention to the official Discord group for the game. It's the biggest and most active Discord group for the game, and the official place on Discord to trade stickers with other players. The server is run by Scopely, so if you do get scammed in a trade there is a better chance of the player getting banned from the server, that may be enough to put off some people from trying scams.

The best place to find other Discord servers related to Monopoly GO! which may be offering this Facebook friend free dice links service is here: Disboard - Monopoly GO!. Take a look at the servers there and see which ones are active currently. Here is a link our page which lists some other Monopoly GO! Discord servers .

If you are looking for more info on any of the events on Monopoly GO! check out our Monopoly GO - All Events Explained page. Which also has some great info on how to do well in events and tournaments.

For some more tips and strategies to get free dice, then is your page - Monopoly GO! Cheats and Tips.

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