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How to redeem free dice with links in Monopoly GO!

By Richard Gardner | Updated: Jul 25th 2024

If you've got rolls you can keep playing so it's important to know all the ways to get more free dice in Monopoly Go. We've been playing this game since it launched back in April 2023 and on this page you'll be able to find all of today's new free dice links for Monopoly Go which you can simply click on to get usually 25 or 30 free rolls, plus all of the other ways that you can get free dice in this game.

Monopoly GO Free Dice Links Every Day
Monopoly GO Free Dice Links Every Day

Monopoly Go Free Dice Links

I'm starting this guide off with the free dice links that are distributed daily by Scopely, then further down the page you can find all of the other ways to get more free dice.

To use these free dice links just click on them using the same device that you play Monopoly Go on. The link should then open your game and either give you the free dice if the link is still active, or tell you that the dice can not be claimed (because the link it too old or already been claimed by your account). Any links in the comments at the very bottom of the game generally are not free dice links.

If the links don't work the first time, try restarting your app. We last check for free dice links on July 25th

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Upcoming New Tournament: Jul 25th-Jul 26th - Jolly Volley - Monopoly Go

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25th Jul 2024

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23rd July 2024

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21st July 2024

20th July 2024

19th July 2024

18th July 2024

17th July 2024

16th July 2024

15th July 2024

14th July 2024

13th July 2024

12th July 2024

11th July 2024

10th July 2024

9th July 2024

19th July: We checked and removed a lot of older links as the list was too long and the old links were no longer working.

How to get free dice in Monopoly Go

Apart from the free dice links that are listed above there are many ways to get free dice in this game, here's all of them.

  • Free Shop Gift

    Every eight hours there is a claimable free gift in the shop. To get it, tap the three lines at the top right of the game, then select shop, then swipe the top panel to the left until you get to the final one. There will either be a free gift there waiting, which usually includes free dice or a countdown timer telling you when your next reward is readt to collect.

  • Quick Wins

    Every day there are three Quick Wins to complete. The rewards you get from these Quick Wins can include free dice. To find out what the Quick Wins tasks are for today and how long you've still got to complete them, just tap in the Wins tab at the bottom of the game screen, Quick Wins is explained in more detail in our how to play Quick Wins guide, because as well as the three daily Quick Wins there are also milestones and an end of week reward too.

  • Daily Treats

    Every new day that you log in you can claim a Daily Treat, some days you'll get free dice, other days will give you different rewards.

  • The Vault

    Tap on your album, then tap on the small vault in the bottom right of the screen, this will take you to the page where you can trade in stars for a vault. Stars are basically your duplicate stickers. Trade in these for a vault which will contain stickers and dice. We explain every about the vault and which one is the best one to open in our vaults guide.

  • Events and Tournaments

    There are tons of free dice rewards to collect in every event and tournament on Monopoly Go, for complete, up to date details of the current and fortgcoming events on Monopoly Go, head to our all events explained page where you can find a complete daily schedule with links to the rewards lists for each of those events.

  • Completing Sticker Collections and Albums

    If you are able to complete a page of stickers or the complete album you'll get free dice as part of the rewards for doing so. If you are short of dice and still need to complete some of the early sets in the album, then head over to our Monopoly Go forum and ask for the stickers that you need. 1-3 star stickers are usually given freely by many people on our forum, so if you some dice quickly, then this could be a good option for you.

  • Completing Color Sets and get the Wheel Spins

    Use game cash to complete landmarks, which in turn give you houses and hotels to complete color sets. Land on a tile where the set has all hotels, or upgrade again that location, to get a spin of the color wheel. Do this while the Wheel Boost event is running for double the spins. You can find out if there is a Wheel Boost today, by heading to this page of our website Wheel Boost schedule.

  • Completing landmarks during Landmark Rush

    Another boost event that you can win free dice in is Landmark Rush, check the daily events schedule to see if one is due to run today. This boost event will give you extra free dice when you complete landmarks iwing game cash. Even if you don't complete landmarks during Landmark Rush, you'll still get a dice reward for completing a landmark.

  • Play during the Free Parking dice boost event

    Look out for the Free Parking boost event when dice is the reward, again you can check the daily events schedule to see if one is due to run today. In this boost event, you have to land on certain tiles in order to increase the dice pot on Free Parking, then land on Fre Parking before the event timer runs out to claim all of the dice in the pot.

  • Land on Go to Jail

    If you land on Go to Jail you have a chance of getting some free dice. All you have to do is throw a double within three tries to get the number on one of those dice multiplied by the dice multiplier that you used to land on Go to Jail. So if you manage to throw a double six using a 1,000 multiplier, then you will win 6,000 free dice! Easier said than done though!

  • Land on Chance

    One of the Chance cards will give you x3 the dice multiplier that you used to land on it, so if youa re lucky and roll with 1,000 dice, you'll win 3,000. Well if you subtract the 1,000 it cost you to amke the roll, it's actually 2,000!

  • Play Community Chest

    If you have it available, play through Community Chest, sometimes you can pick up a few dice there, but also you have a chance of picking up a lot of game cash that you can use to complete landmarks to get free dice.

  • Waiting!

    If you have less than yor dice limit, simply wait and in time free dice will get added to your account until your limit is reached. This is more or of a suggestion for new players though, as most long term players probably always have a good sized stash of dice in their account from various events and album completions.

  • Increase your Net Worth

    This is another suggestion for new players or players with a low net worth in the game. Complete landmarks with game cash to increase your net worth because certain net worth milestones will give either increase the maximum number of dice you can get free free by time regeneration or give you free dice as a reward.

  • Add Facebook Friends

    An easy way to get a quick 100 dice is to have Facebook friends that are Monopoly Go players. You can benefit from 10 friends, so the max dice you can get via this method is 1,000

  • Free Birthday Dice

    Reach out to Monopoly Go support via the game app (How to contact Monopoly Go support) and let them know it's your birthday and you may receive up to 500 free dice.

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