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Monopoly GO! All Events Explained

by RichUpdated: May 7th 2023

Events are a great way to pick up free dice throws in Monopoloy GO! There always seems to be events running, so we take a look at the best events to look out for to get some free dice throws.


Monopoly GO! All Events Explained

In Monopoly GO! when you run out of dice rolls, you either have to wait for them to get refreshed over time, purchase some, or try to get some extra free dice throws in the various events that are currently running in the game.

Here is a rundown of all of the events, what you need to do in them, and the potential rewards you could get for each one, which usually include free dice rolls and in-game cash.

For more details specifically on how to get more free dice throws, check out our article: Monopoly GO! Free Rolls.

Globe Trottin

This is a big event. If it is running, you can see your progress by tapping the album button from the bottom of the main screen.

Globe Trottin Event
Globe Trottin Event

Complete this event for massive rewards.

Get the full lowdown on our dedicated Globe Trottin - How to Complete the Album guide page.

City Cleanup

The City Cleanup event gives you the potential for some massive rewards. To get through it you need to land on squares with the hi-visibility jackets, this will give you points towards the current goal.

City Cleanup - Get some free dice throws in this event
City Cleanup - Get some free dice throws in this event

If you are rolling with a multiplier, then you'll get the same multiplier effect on the number of hi-vis jackets rewards, so x5 on rolls, gives you x5 on the hi-vis jackets too.

When you complete the goal, you get the reward and another goal with a new reward gets set.

There really are big opportunities to get free dice rolls here and some big in-game cash too.

Landing on the properties with hi-vis jackets though is a matter of chance, so the more you roll during the event, the more chances you'll get to complete this event.

Boardwalk Derby

In this event you need to earn horse figures in the game in order to get enough to unlock a gift box price, which could include free dice throws or in-game cash.

Boardwalk Derby
Boardwalk Derby

You get the horse figures by playing the Shutodnws or Heists. Whatever the outcome of these mini-games are you'll get some horse figures.

Shutdown Success - 4 Horses

Shutdown Blocked - 2 Horses

Small Heist - 4 Horses

Large Heist - 6 Horses

Bankrupt - 8 Horses

As will most of this game, horse rewards will be a lot down to luck, the more your throw the dice in the game, the more chances you'll get in participating in a Shutdown or Heist event. Then the outcome of that event will determine your horse rewards.

Apart from that, there is also a leaderboard which lasts for the duration of the event. When the event is over, the players at the top of leaderboard will get extra rewards which could be hundreds of free dice throws, in-game cash and collector cards.

Prize Drop

To participate in this fun event to win free dice throws and in-game cash you need to win Prize Drop Chips during other events such as Quick Wins (Wins link in bottom left of screen).

Prize Drop
Prize Drop

In this event you drop your chips from any of the five slots at the top of the pin board with the goal being to bit one of the circles at the bottom before dropping into one of the slots at the bottom of the board.

So there is a good chance here to win some free throws, more prize drop chips and in-game cash. If you have a lot of chips, you can use a multipler here too, which will multiply the effect of the chip and bag you the same multiplier on rewards.

It won't drop more that a single chip on the board though, so x5 doesn't mean 5 chips will drop, just the multiplier effect will be x5.

Board Rush

For this event you need to complete the buildings on your current location to get the reward.

Board Rush
Board Rush

Look out for this one, and if you can aim to complete your board within the time frame, while the event is on, you'll get the corresponding reward.

Free Parking

While this event is running, you simply need to land on the Free Parking square to collect whatever the current jackpot is.

Free Parking Event
Free Parking Event

You can grow the jackpot by landing on tax tiles and utilities. Rewards could includes free dice throws and the amount you get will depend on how much you have gorwn the jackpot before you land on free parking.

Cash Boost

Look out for this event to gain an x2 boost in cash for the in-game cash you earn in the game while this event is running.

Cash Boost
Cash Boost

While it looks like there are no free rolls with this event, you still get some useful cash, which is always handy in completing buildings to increase your net wealth level and to gain associated free roll rewards that come with buildings.

Mega Heist

Look out for the Mega Heist symbol in the right of the screen, this will give ever heist the opportunity to be a Mega Heist, basically this means the in-game cash rewards for a heist are much larger with a new top tier reward and the removal of the old bottom tier.

The Mega Heist functions in exactly the same way as a normal heist except the rewards are bigger!

Wheel Boost

Look for this one to get an extra spin on the Monopoly Wheel.

Green Thumb Content

This one is really similar to the Boardwalk Derby. In this event basically you collect plants by completing Shutdowns and Heists. The you get rewards based on how many plants you have collected.

You'll get prizes when you reach milestones, and for the top ranked players at the end of the event there are some extra free rolls and in-game cash dished out.

Rent Frenzy

When this event is on there will be some extra rent targets on the board. So it's another opportunity to get a bit more cash in the game.

Lasso Loops

This event, starts easy with small rewards, but as you complete more quests, the prizes get bigger and bigger. You can win stickers, in game cash and free spins.

Lasso Loops Event
Lasso Loops Event

All you have to do is land on the squares with the hats on them. That will get you points towards your current goal.

If you are using a multiplier, then that will also multiply the number of hats you get when you land on one by the same amount.

Landmark Rush

This is a decent event to get some in game cash and free spins. All you have to do is complete a landmark while this event is running.

So that means in your current location, just one of the landmarks needs to be completed in order to win the reward.

You can only do this multiple times during the event, just keep completing landmarks to win the reward again.

Events Summary

More events I am sure will pop up from time to time, we'll be on the look out for these and will add to this article when we see new events.

Events are great ways to get free dice throws, but for more ways, check out our free dice rolls article.

For some Monopoloy GO! tips, then this is the article for you - Monopoloy GO! Cheats and Tips.

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