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By Richard Gardner | Updated: Jun 16th 2024

Welcome to our daily updated schedule to all Monopoly Go events and tournaments. All of the current milestone events and tournaments are listed here along with links to our dedicated pages to these events.

Look out for details of other events that are also happening on Monopoly Go too such as Prize Drop, Golden Blitz, and more.

Monopoly GO! All Events Explained
Monopoly GO! All Events Explained

Monopoly Go Event Schedule Today 16th June, 2024

These are the currently active special events, partner events, tournaments and solo main banner events. Follow the links to go to a dedicated page with complete details about each one.

Coming Later Today

Today's Predicted Flash Boost Events 16th June, 2024

The following is a list of boost events that are predicted to appear at the corresponding times today. These short events will give you some kind of boost according to the type of event.

To get a boost and take advantage of the following flash events, just log into the game during the event time window (between the start and finish times), then the event will automatically activate for the set amount of time.

Sometimes it's best to wait for a certain point in the window if events overlap or if you want to use a certain boost event with a particular main event or tournament.

Join our Monopoly Go Forum community to trade and chat with other players.

Next Golden Blitz

Find more details as well as a record of all previous Golden Blitz events for this season and our predictions for the next Golden Blitz on Monopoly Go.

Making Music Season

The new Monopoly Go season, Making Music, is now in the final weeks. Follow that link to find details of all stickers and collections that will be available. Plus details of some of the special tokens and shields that you can get for completing all or part of the collection.

Monopoly Go All Events Explained

In Monopoly Go there are various types of events, we have classified them as follows:

  • Season Event - This is the main long duration sticker collecting event, usually they last from about 30-90 days.
  • Main Milestone Event - These events appear as a banner in the top center of the game board. They usually last between two and four days and consist of between 40-50 milestone levels each one with a different reward. Find out which one is currently running at the top of this page, and click through on the link there to find out the rewards, milestones and our best tips to get points for that current event.
  • Tournaments - These events usually last for one or two days, you can find the current tournament on the Monopoly Go game board located as one of the icons on the right of the screen. They always involve landing on a Railroad and playing either Shutdown or Bank Heist in order to get points. Like the main milestone event there are a series of milestones, usually 25 or 30, each giving a reward. But there is also a leaderboard reward at the end of the event which depends on where you finish in your group which usually consists of 50 or 100 players.
  • Special Events - These are other reward based events that don't fall into the above classifications such as Peg-E Prize Drop , or one of the many treasure digging events such as Jungle Treasures , Moonlight Treasures or Egyptian Treasures. These usually appear on the game every two or three weeks and usually last about five days. It's great to play Monopoly Go when these events are active as it gives another way to win rewards while the main milestone event and tournament are also running.
  • Golden Blitz - Golden Blitz occurs sporadically during a season. When the Golden Blitz's start is dependent upon the length of the season and how long there is left, but when they get going there is usually a gap of between two and seven days between each one. GBs are the only time when you can trade gold stickers in the game, so they are important to look out for. Here is out Golden Blitz schedule, where we look out for these events and record each one.
  • Sticker Boom - This is another important event to look out for, usually lasting for about 20 hours, and occurring more or less every seven to ten days, Sticker Boom will increase by at least 50% the number of stickers you receive when you open a pack. When a Sticker Boom is predicted or active, we'll let you know on this page at the top.

Monopoly GO! Events Timetable

Some events such as the main events and tournaments we know the exact dates and times for but the daily flash boost events are predictions and may or may not occur and at different times.

New events are literally added every day and we maintain this page at least daily, sometimes, multiple times throughout the day as new events start and old ones finish.

How to Crush Events in Monopoly GO!

Events are a great way to win dice and sticker packs but you need to go into these events with some strategy, here are some general tips picked up from playing Monopoly Go since it launched.

  • Keep up to date with the events timetable

    It's important to know when events starts and finish and when flash boost events are predicted to start, this way you can work out the best times of the day to play in order to take advantage of event overlaps and the flash boosts that you are most interested in.

  • Work out your points tiles

    When there are multiple events happening, work out which tiles on the board are good for you to land on to score points, then only use your multiplier when you have the best chances of landing on one of those tiles. Don't waste your multiplier by going round the board with low probability opportunities using a high multiplier.

    By this I mean use small multipliers when you there is little chance of landing on an event square on the next roll, then when you come to a point on the board where there is the highest probability that you will land on an event square on the next throw, crank your multiplier up to it's max.

    Boosting the multiplier when approaching a cluster of event squares
    Boosting the multiplier when approaching a cluster of event squares

    This is actually a really good technique, it doesn't always work, but you'll stand the best chance of conserving your dice as well as landing on an event square while you have your highest available multiplier.

    Target hit!
    Target hit!

    As you can see from the screenshots above we needed a 3,5,7 or 9 to hit an event square, or 11 would have been good to hit the square for the tournament event that was also running.

    The probability of hitting one of those numbers when of of those 5 would be been good is actually 50% so it was a great opportunity to increase the multiplier and try to get a good roll. That time it worked out well and got me 200 points in the event.

  • Pick Your battles

    Don't try to score well in every tournament, you'll just get put into more difficult groups, score bad in some to get a more favorable group in the next tournament or the one after.

Events Summary

More events I am sure will pop up from time to time, we'll be on the look out for these and will add to this article when we see new events.

Events are great ways to get free dice throws, but for more ways, check out our free dice rolls article.
For some Monopoly GO! tips, then this is the article for you:

Monopoloy GO! Cheats and Tips

Events and free dice can be easier with friends. Here's how to add friends in Monopoly GO!

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