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How to Heal and Revive Characters

How to Heal and Revive Characters
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Combat is a major part of Genshin Impact’s gameplay. As such, you’ll sustain damage from enemy attacks or from fall damage, even getting knocked out by powerful bosses. The game doesn’t have health potions to replenish your characters’ health but thankfully, there’s another method to keep your party healthy and even revive fallen characters. Please continue reading below to learn more.

The game doesn’t have the standard recovery or buffing potions you’ll normally find in RPGs to heal up your party. Instead, your primary source of HP recovery and buffs will come from food. You can spend mora to buy food from shops in the city but you should take advantage of the game’s player-friendly Cooking system. We have a dedicated guide for cooking so kindly check that out as well.

You can find a large variety of ingredients while exploring, as well as several campfires where you can cook. Cooking these ingredients can save you a lot of mora in the long run instead of consistently buying them from the shops. Furthermore, if you have specific characters with effect bonuses preparing the food, there’s even a chance to get a more potent version of that dish or get an additional serving using the same amount of ingredients.
How to Heal and Revive Characters

To revive characters, you also need to use specific dishes like Fried Eggs, Steaks, Grilled Fish, etc. Take note that after consuming a reviving dish, there will be a cooldown before you can use it again. It’s quite important to have a good amount of these dishes in stock so you can use them immediately whenever you need them. You can open your backpack even in the midst of the battle and use these recovery items as necessary.
How to Heal and Revive Characters

Another method of healing is by using character skills. So far, the best dedicated healer available is Barbara with her Let the Show Begin (Melody Loop) talent. Other non-healer characters with healing skills include Jean (Dandelion Breeze) and Noelle (Breastplate) though they won’t be that consistent as Barbara since Jean’s skill requires a full energy gauge while Noelle relies on probability of healing while the barrier is up and when her normal and charged attacks are hitting the target(s).
How to Heal and Revive Characters

Finally, you can use any of the Statue of the Seven and heal specific members of your party using their Blessings. There’s a fixed amount of restorative power that the statues can heal but don’t worry, this amount is automatically restored over time. The Geo and Anemo statues don't share these HP recovery pool so it won’t seem that you’ll completely use them dry unless you’re getting pummeled by enemies often and don’t have access (or refuse to) use other means of healing.
How to Heal and Revive Characters

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