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Serenitea Pot Basics Guide

Serenitea Pot Basics Guide
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Genshin Impact is a free-to-play, open-world RPG that was released late 2020. While heavily compared and most likely influenced by BOTW, the game has gone through a lot of improvements and additional content that continuously proved it as an outstanding title on its own. With Update 1.5, the feature to build and manage your own home or manor has been added. In this page, we will get to the basics and mechanics of this wonderful feature and how you can take advantage of it.

The Serenitea Pot is a housing/dorm system recently implemented in Genshin Impact where you can choose one of the three realms where your own manor will be placed. Consider it as a separate dimension where you can personalize the interior and exterior of your manor like placing furniture, new buildings, and even animals. For more information about how to unlock, access, or leave the pot, please check out our dedicated guide for it.
Serenitea Pot Basics Guide

If you just read our gist, you’ll be forgiven to assume that it’s just another uninteresting and menial feature. However, the Serenitea Pot system has some mechanics that can overwhelm any player at first but thankfully, can be easily grasped. Don’t worry as here in Appgamer, we will do our best to break down the mechanics into easily-understandable facts.

Teapot Spirit

You have your own Teapot Spirit named Tubby who serves as your realm’s butler/manager. She’ll always be in the same spot right by your manor’s entrance, regardless if you moved your manor around or not. While you can freely design your own space and interior, you’ll have to talk to her to access some of the management options like viewing your trust rank progress, crafting furnishings, accessing the Realm Depot, or even switching to a different realm layout (once you have enough Trust Rank). Other players can interact with your realm’s Tubby but they’ll only have the option to help speed up the crafting time in your crafting queue.
Serenitea Pot Basics Guide

Trust Rank

You can consider this as your realm’s level. As your realm’s Trust Rank increases, more sections of your realm will be unlocked (where you can place more furnishings) and unlock new items that you can purchase from the Realm Depot. Every time you increase your Trust Rank, you’ll be able to claim primogems and some new blueprints.
Serenitea Pot Basics Guide

To increase your Trust Rank, you have to craft furnishings for the first time. This is the only method of progressing your Trust Rank. To get more furnishings, you have to use Blueprints. You can get blueprints from Trust Rank level up rewards, completing Adeptal Mirror tasks, buying them from the Realm Depot, or buying them from the two specific NPCs in Mondstadt and Qingce Village.
Serenitea Pot Basics Guide

The quality of the furnishing you’ll craft will dictate how much Trust (trust rank exp) you’ll get. So far there are three qualities available for furnishings: 2-star (green), 3-star (blue), and 4-star (purple). Green furnishings give 30 trust when creating them for the first time, blue furnishings give 60, and purple furnishings give 90.
Serenitea Pot Basics Guide

Trust Rank Bonuses

These are the rewards you’ll obtain as you increase your trust rank.
Image courtesy of the game’s wiki
Image courtesy of the game’s wiki

Image courtesy of game’s wiki
Image courtesy of game’s wiki

Realm Depot

This is your in-game shop that’s only accessible to you. You have to talk to Tubby to access this shop. There are three options available:
* Realm Treasures: These are the valuable items that you can buy using realm currency. By default, you’ll only have access to buy Fabric, Transient Resin becomes available once you’ve reached Trust Rank 6, and everything else unlocked at Trust Rank 8. We recommend not buying anything here early on; you’re better off using your currency buying new blueprints instead.
* Furnishings: The items in this category get reset daily. These are pre-made furnishings that you can apply immediately to your realm. The only valuable item to get here is the Vial of Adeptal Speed, which allows you to instantly complete crafted items. You can buy 5 vials daily. Only consider buying furnishings here once you have really high adeptal energy and unlocked additional areas in your realm. Like Realm Treasures, hold off buying anything here until you’ve exhausted the available blueprints or bought most of them. (and increase your Trust Rank in return).
* Furnishings: This category will list all available blueprints for sale. It’s worth spending your realm currency buying different blueprints here since they will help progress your Trust Rank.
Serenitea Pot Basics Guide

Adeptal Energy Rank

Adeptal Energy affects how much Realm Currency (or realm coin) your realm passively generates every hour. This currency is what you’ll use to buy more items and blueprints from the Realm Depot or from other players’ Teapot Traveling Salesman. The more furnishings you place inside and outside your manor, the higher the total energy you’ll accumulate and the more realm coins you’ll get every hour. Please refer to the table below for more information.
Serenitea Pot Basics Guide

Take note that this is not a static value; if you remove furnishings, your energy will decrease as well so try dumping as much furnishings as you can early on, then just replace the low-energy furnishings with high-quality furnishings as you create more of them. The only limiting factor for dumping is the area’s Load limit (please see below).

Load Limit

This limit is applied to areas inside and outside your manor and will determine how much furnishings you can put. You can see the Load indicator in the upper-right corner of the screen while you’re in placement mode. Each item has its own load limit. Usually, the more complex the furnishing, the higher the load. The animals have the highest load so far, because of their complex scripting and animation. If you’ve reached the load limit, you have no choice but to remove and add different item combinations to maximize your adeptal energy.
Serenitea Pot Basics Guide

Furnishing Creation

To create new furnishings, you must talk to Tubby and select the option to Create Furnishing. All the furnishings that you have learned (by using their blueprints) will be listed here. Each furnishing will require different materials, mostly wood, fabrics, and dye as well as different creation time. (green furnishings take 12 hours, blue 14 hours, and purple 16 hours). You can use Vials of Adeptal Speed to instantly complete these furnishings, especially if you just created them. Guests of your realm can also help speed up the creation time, shaving off 4 hours per guest who helped you.
Serenitea Pot Basics Guide

Genshin Impact’s Serenitea Pot may not be a thing for all players, but at least it gives avid fans and players something else to do and get occupied. We hope that the basics we covered here will help you get acquainted with this wonderful feature and design your personal realm as you see fit.

This concludes our detailed guide about Genshin Impact’s Serenitea Pot Basics. Please check out our other pages within the guide for more helpful tips and information about the game.

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