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How to Cook Food

How to Cook Food
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Genshin Impact also has a cooking feature in the game, that allows you to combine various ingredients you can collect in the wild and turn them into tasty dishes. In this page, we’ll talk about some cooking basics, which can help you a lot as you explore the world.

Why Cook?

As with normal RPGs, you’ll need access to healing items to increase your survivability as you explore the land. Unfortunately, Genshin Impact doesn’t have the cliched potions, inns, healing points, etc to heal your characters. That’s where cooking comes in. Cooking not only restores your HP but some dishes can even provide extra buffs or even revive fallen allies.

How to Cook Food

How to Cook?

You can only cook in camps and locations with a pot and fire pit, like the ones previously occupied by hilichurls or other NPCs. However, you can’t use it as is without lighting up the fire first. Use any Pyro skill to light up the fire and get cooking! In fact, you’ll find an optional cooking quest right before entering the bridge leading to Mondstadt. This is a good place to start and learn the basics of cooking. Cooking is relatively simplified and easy in this game. You’ll start off with a good amount of default recipes. As long as you have the ingredients, you just need to select a dish and cook away.

How to Cook Food

Once you have a lot more characters in your party, don’t forget to change the characters who will cook. Some of them can provide various beneficial effects to cooking and some might even create better versions of the dishes you have.

How to Cook Food

After choosing the dish and selecting the character who will cook, you just need to hit the “sweet spot” on the gauge to get a Perfect cooking. If you miss, there’s a high chance that your dish will become a mess and inedible, wasting any ingredients you may have used. Keep cooking and you’ll be able to increase your proficiency for that dish. This will allow you to auto-cook a batch of them at once.

How to Cook Food

Where to find ingredients and additional recipes?

You can buy additional recipes from the eatery and grocery shop in Mondstadt. You can also find more recipes in the wild through some random chests, and exploring certain objects in towns. For the recipes sold at shops, they will require specific Adventure Ranks before you can purchase them. Don’t worry about getting new recipes early on since the default recipes you have should be enough to sustain you for a while. These shops also sell ingredients that you won’t able to get in the wild like salt, pepper, butter, milk, etc.

For ingredients, there’s a lot of sources that you can find in the wild. We won’t get into specifics but trust us, you won’t have problems gathering them unless you’re cooking really exotic dishes. So let’s start off with meat. You can gather them by killing animals and birds. These critters will be spooked as you approach them so the most efficient way of taking them out is using ranged attacks. Amber’s bow is quite reliable early on to hunt for game in the wild. Mushrooms are found on the ground near trees, fruits can be harvested from certain fruit trees, vegetables can be obtained from crates in camps or even dungeons.

How to Cook Food

As we have discussed, cooking is very helpful and integral in the game so keep a good amount of recovery dishes ready while exploring!

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