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How does the Guaranteed 4-Star Pity Work?

How does the Guaranteed 4-Star Pity Work?
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Genshin Impact is a free-to-play, open-world RPG that was released late 2020. While heavily compared and most likely influenced by BOTW, the game has gone through a lot of improvements and additional content that continuously proved it as an outstanding title on its own. The game has a gacha-based system where players have to spend premium currency for a chance to get a random character or weapon. In this page, we’ll be discussing how the game’s 4-star pity system works and how you can use that to your advantage.

Genshin Impact has a gacha-based system where you have to spend Primogems and/or Fates to “pull” or Wish for characters and weapons. Every other week (or more than that duration), the game rotates an event/limited banner. We’ve covered how the Wish/gacha system of the game works on this page and we also covered how the much-coveted 5* pity system works on this page. On this page however, we’ll be discussing a pity system that will guarantee a random 4* weapon or character, which also coincides with your 5* pity.
How does the Guaranteed 4-Star Pity Work?

4-star Pity System Basics

Here’s the quick rundown of the game’s 4-star Pity System.
* For every 10 wishes, you’re guaranteed to get a random 4* weapon or character. This also applies to event-rate up 4-star characters on an ongoing event banner.
* The 4-star Pity counter is counted separately per Wish category (Character Event, Weapon Event, Permanent)
* Getting a 4-star (before reaching 10 wishes) will reset the banner.
* Pity counter carries over across different events.
* For event/limited banners, the first time you get a 4-star item has a 50% chance to be one of the featured characters. If you didn’t get the featured character, the next 4-star item you’ll get is one of the featured characters.
* For the standard banner, you’re guaranteed to get a 4-star item or above for every 10 attempts.

As a general rule, don’t use your primogems to buy for Acquaint Fates! (normal blue fates) These fates can only be used in Standard Banners while primogems can be used to purchase Intertwined Fates that can be used for both Event/Limited and Weapon banners.

Having this mechanic available is very appreciated. 4-star weapons and characters can be very reliable and will help any player who wishes to have access to a variety of options when building characters and their party. 4-star weapons/characters have a high appearance rate so it’s manageable to get constellations for characters or duplicate copies for refining weapons.

How to Count your Wishes?

Each banner has its own pity counter (number of wishes). That means that the number of wishes you’ve made in the Event/Limited banner will be counted separately from the Character Event, Weapon Event, Permanent categories.

Counting your wishes is very important, since it will tell you whether you’re about to hit the soft pity or not. This in turn, can help you decide whether you’ll need to buy a Welkin and/orBattle Pass or if you’ll have enough time to save up enough wishes for an upcoming banner.

To do this, you have to open the wish page and click the History icon. For PS4/PS5 users, press the down D-PAD. Once you have your history loaded, you can conveniently switch between the different banners where you’ve wished before. Wishes you just made a few minutes ago will not be displayed immediately since it may take around 1 hour for those recent wishes to appear in your history. The history can only keep track of 6 months worth of wishes but that should be more than enough (unless you’ve been skipping banners since you’ve played and haven’t Wished at all).

Counting your wish is very simple. Each page displays 6 wishes. The screenshots below is a good example of the guaranteed 4-star pity every 10 wishes system works.
Counting 4 draws after my last 4-star
Counting 4 draws after my last 4-star

Guaranteed 4-star triggered on my 10th draw.
Guaranteed 4-star triggered on my 10th draw.

This concludes our detailed guide about Genshin Impact’s 4-star Pity System. Please check out our other pages within the guide for more helpful tips and information about the game.

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