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How Multiplayer Works in Serenitea Pot

How Multiplayer Works in Serenitea Pot
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Genshin Impact’s update 1.5 introduced the Serenitea Pot feature that allows players to build and manage their own manors. Aside from personalizing their own space, players can also invite friends to visit or even visit other players’ realms. In this page, we will discuss how multiplayer works in this new housing feature.

The Serenitea Pot is a housing/dorm system recently implemented in Genshin Impact where players get to personalize their own realms that act as individual and separate dimensions. Of course, it can get very lonely if you’re just customizing your realm so inviting guests over to show off your personalized space or visiting your friends' realms can bring much solace. For more information about how to unlock, access, or leave the pot, please check out our dedicated guide for it.
How Multiplayer Works in Serenitea Pot

How to Allow Visitors in your Serenitea Pot

By default, co-op is enabled within your Serenitea Pot. When other players join your world, you can still enter your own realm but your guests can’t access their own realms while playing co-op with you. There are different entry permissions you can set in your realm, which we will indicate below. Unlike normal co-op which is limited only to 3 guests, you can accept more guests in your realm.

To set your access permissions, you have to do the following:
1. Open your map.
2. Press the right DPAD (for PS4, PS5), or tap the “No guests currently” portion in the upper-right hand corner of the map screen.
3. From the popup menu, press the down DPAD (PS4, PS5) or tap Serenitea Pot Permissions. You have three settings:
* Join After Approval: Guests can only visit your realm when you’re online and when you approve their request to visit.
* Reject Join Requests: Guests can’t visit your realm and any request to visit will be automatically rejected.
* Allow Direct Join: Guests can directly access your realm even when you’re offline and without the need for your permission.
How Multiplayer Works in Serenitea Pot

The main advantage of having many visitors is that they can help speed up your creation speed by shaving hours off the creation time. Guests can’t access your realm depot but they’ll be able to buy from your own Teapot Traveling Merchant. That special merchant appears every Friday, 4AM GMT+8 but thankfully, you have a full 24 hours “lockdown” on the merchant’s goods. Your guests can only start buying from your teapot merchant on Saturday 4AM GMT+8 onwards. This prevents guests from “snipe-buying” the exclusive items for sale by your weekly teapot merchant, especially animals as they’re very sought-after.

How to Visit Another Player’s Serenitea Pot

As discussed above, depending on the host’s permission settings, you can either access their Serenitea Pots directly (even while they’re offline) or after giving you permission (only available when they’re online). You can’t visit strangers’ realms since you can only access other people’s Serenitea Pots through your Friends List. Follow the steps below for more information:
1. Open your Friends List
2. Highlight the friend you want to visit.
3. Press R3 (for PS4, PS5 users), or open your Friend Details to see a drop down of options.
4. Select “Request to visit Serenitea Pot”.

While visiting another player’s pot, you can interact with specific objects (like the forge, alchemy table, seats, benches, etc), purchase items from their Teapot Traveling Merchant, explore their realm and/or interior of their manor, and even help them speed up their furnishing creation time by talking to their Tubby.
How Multiplayer Works in Serenitea Pot

Genshin Impact’s Serenitea Pot may not be a thing for all players, but at least it gives avid fans and players something else to do and get occupied. We hope that the multiplayer aspect of this feature we covered here will help you enjoy inviting guests to your manor or visiting other people’s manors.

This concludes our detailed guide about Genshin Impact’s Serenitea Pot’s multiplayer feature. Please check out our other pages within the guide for more helpful tips and information about the game.

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