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Battle Pass and Welkin Guide

Battle Pass and Welkin Guide
Genshin Impact Guide

Genshin Impact is a live-service and massive, open-world RPG, released on the mobile, PC, and PS4/PS5 platforms. However, similar to mobile games, it incorporates gacha mechanics and in-game shop where players can spend real money to purchase goods and enhancements. In this page, we will discuss the Battle Pass and Blessing of the Welkin Moon features, and to help you decide whether spending money on them is worth it or not.
Warning: Before we delve deeper, please note that these features can only be purchased with real money (via direct credit card transactions or using trusted and supported third-party electronic payment platforms). Protect yourself from scammers by making purchases on legitimate and secured channels only!

The game is free-to-play and much of its contents are very accessible to die-hard F2PBTW players. However, those who are willing to support the game and have the financial capability and willingness to do so will be able to take advantage of various “boosters” the game has to offer. Thankfully, Genshin Impact is almost entirely a PvE experience with Co-op enabled and doesn’t have PvP. That way, there’s really no clear competition between solid F2P(BTW) players and those who spend money on the game.

What is Blessing of the Welkin Moon

When purchased, you’ll obtain 300 Genesis Crystals and 30 days worth of blessing (2700 primogems total). Each day after the game’s daily reset (4:00 AM GMT+8 for Asian players), players will get the prompt to claim 90 primogems upon login. Players can collect their primogems for 30 days up until the duration expires. Unclaimed primogems ARE NOT carried over to the following day so make sure to log in to the game daily, even if it's just to claim the Welkin primogems. The game also states that primogems lost on the days a player missed claiming them will not be refunded.
Battle Pass and Welkin Guide

You can buy multiple Welkins, up to 180 days but the amount of primogems you’ll get daily will still remain the same. Buying additional Welkins while you have an existing blessing will just extend its duration.

=== Battle Pass / BEP===This is a system where players can collect rewards by completing daily, weekly, and limited BP Period tasks. Daily tasks will reset every day at 4AM GMT+8, weekly tasks will reset every Monday, 4AM, and finally BP Period tasks are usually tied to the events taking place for the entirety of the BP period (usually around 40 days).

BEP is the EXP points to level up your BP. You’ll need to earn 1000 BEP to increase your BP level. (Maximum BP Level is 50) This can be done by completing various tasks as listed in the BP page. Completing all 4 daily tasks will give you 645 points daily, while completing all weekly tasks will give you a total of 7020 points. You can also increase your BP level instantly by paying 300 primogems. We recommend not to do that since 300 primogems is a huge amount, especially if you’re a F2P or budget player.
Battle Pass and Welkin Guide

There’s a weekly cap limit of 10,000 points. Playing daily and completing all daily tasks can already give you 4515 points; that means you just need to earn 5485 from different “easier” weekly tasks to reach the weekly BEP cap. Furthermore, the 10K BEP cap doesn’t apply to BP Period tasks so don’t hesitate to collect the BEP as soon as they’re available. Some BP Period tasks also give a lot of BEP, usually allowing you to jump 2-3 BP levels.

Gnostic Hymn / Gnostic Chorus

Free-to-play players will only have access to the top row rewards (Sojourner’s Battle Pass). The rewards are really generous and desirable so players who don't want or can’t spend in the game will still have access to very useful rewards, including normal fates. Now for those economical players who want more but can only afford to spend a bit of money, unlocking the Gnostic Hymn is the way to go.

(The example below is using USD prices) Gnostic Hymn costs 9.99 USD, which will allow players to collect the rewards from both the Sojourner’s Battle Pass and the Gnostic Hymn. So for example, at BP LV43, F2P(BTW) players can get 80,000 mora while those who avail Gnostic Hymn will earn 320,000 mora by reaching the same BP Level.

Best of all, once you’ve reached BP LV30 with Gnostic Hymn, you’ll be able to select one of the five available BP weapons of your choice. All BP weapons have Crit Rate as their sub-stat (which is one of the most desirable substats in the game), with different effects. BP weapons are generally useful and can be great additions to your party’s arsenal especially if they don’t have access to 5-star or useful 4-star weapons.
Battle Pass and Welkin Guide

Players who have extra funds can also avail the Gnostic Chorus, which gives players access to the benefits and rewards unlocked by Gnostic Hymn with extra goodies. The GC automatically gives you +10 BP Levels, a unique namecard, Fragile Resin, and other extras. For this example, the Gnostic Chorus will give you a BP-exclusive furnishing for your Serenitea Pot.
Battle Pass and Welkin Guide

So, is it worth it?

Both Blessing of the Welkin Moon and Battle Pass are very useful but between the two, we recommend going for the Battle Pass/Gnostic Hymn. - especially if you’re a player on a budget. The rewards are immediately useful, allowing you to easily obtain at least 2 million mora - a great boon especially at higher AR levels where mora becomes more and more scarce. As mentioned above, the BP weapons are great main or filler weapons for your DPS. The other rewards like fragile resins, enhancement stones, hero wits, and talent books are also generous so you’ll really feel the boost by simply getting the Gnostic Hymn.

If you can afford it, you can also purchase both Welkin and Battle Pass to get the best benefit. Both will cost you around 15 USD a month, which is not that bad of a deal especially if you have a source of income.

We will only advise to consider Gnostic Chorus IF YOU REALLY WANT the additional items. In our opinion, the additional $10 to unlock the GC is not really worth it, considering that you can reach BP level 50 within 3 weeks by playing moderately.
This concludes our detailed guide about Genshin Impact’s Blessing of the Welkin Moon and Battle Pass options. Please check out our other pages within the guide for more helpful tips and information about the game.

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