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How to Convert Special Ascension Materials

How to Convert Special Ascension Materials
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Genshin Impact features a crafting system that allows you to convert low-quality materials and turn them into higher-quality materials as needed. There are Ascension Materials that are used for breaking the level limit of a character or his/her talents. In this page, we will discuss the process of converting certain ascension materials.

As of the moment, the current max level a character can achieve in the game is LV90. Starting at LV40, a character can only increase their levels up to 10. To remove that level cap, they have to Ascend by spending mora, and the required ascension materials. Each character has a different set and type of materials needed to ascend to their next level but they will always include elemental ascension stone and elemetal boss-exclusive materials. Ascension is also a non-reversible process. The materials and mora used can’t be refunded.

For talents, the maximum level is LV10 though by unlocking characters’ 3rd and 5th constellations, some talents will gain +3 levels so you can go up to LV13 for these characters. For talent levels 1-6, you’ll need talent books and various enhancement materials. These will differ too from various characters. Starting at talent LV7 onwards, you’ll also need boss-exclusive talent ascension materials (normally dropped by weekly bosses). Finally, to increase the level to LV10, you’ll also need a Crown of Insight, which is a limited event item only. Since it was implemented, there’s only a total of 6 crowns released in limited events so the number of characters you can fully max out talents will be severely limited. As a general rule of thumb, use crowns only on characters that you really want or your main DPS.

Why Convert?

As described above, as your characters’ level and talent levels increase, higher-quality ascension materials will be required. Conversion is a great way to transform materials that you have a lot of but won’t be using soon into materials that you already need. For example, if you’ve been farming the Pyro Regisvine boss, you possibly have a lot of different Agnidus Agate stones. So for example, if you want to ascend an anemo character, you can convert those extra Agnidus Agates into Vayuda Turquoise stones without the need to farm them from the Anemo Hypostasis boss.
How to Convert Special Ascension Materials

For talent materials, conversion plays an even major role since the special talent ascension materials will come from weekly bosses. Depending on your luck, you’ll probably have a lot of talent materials that will stay in your inventory compared to the actual ones you really need.
How to Convert Special Ascension Materials

At the moment, there are two types of materials that can be converted: Ascension Stones and Talent Ascension Materials. Take note however, that you can’t convert these materials directly; you’ll need specific catalysts to complete the process. The process for each type will be discussed further below.

Converting Ascension Stones

You can perform conversion from any crafting table (including the one in your teapot). Switch to the Convert tab (For PS users, press R1 to switch to the Convert tab), to see all the items you can convert. Select the item you want to produce then press Square (for PS users) or the tap the pages icon on the lower-right to see a list of other ascension stones that you can use. Preferably, you’ll want to use those stones that you have extra/unneeded stock.
How to Convert Special Ascension Materials

As you may have noticed, there’s an additional catalyst needed for this process. This bottled powder is called Dust of Azoth. You can get this item as prizes or exchange items during certain events or buy them directly from the in-game shop via Stardust Exchange.

The amount of Dust of Azoth required will differ from the quality of the stone you want to convert, as listed below.
* Sliver (Green stone) - 1 dust
* Fragment (Blue stone) - 3 dust
* Chunk (Purple stone) - 9 dust
* Gemstone (gold stone) - 27 dust

Converting Transfigured Dreams

Same with Ascension Stones, you can find boss-exclusive talent ascension materials (the game calls them “Transfigured Dreams”) under the Convert tab. You can only select the materials dropped by the same boss to convert their respective dreams. For example, to get a Dvalin’s Plume, you can only use Dvalin’s Claws or Dvalin’s Sighs as conversion materials.
How to Convert Special Ascension Materials

Next, you’ll need Dream Solvents as a catalyst. These are special items dropped by weekly bosses themselves. However, the drop rate is not 100%; if you’re lucky, you can get 3 a week, or if you’re really unlucky, you won’t get one at all. So far, there’s no other method of getting this conversion catalyst. Thankfully, you’ll only need 1 dream solvent per converted piece. This feature is just recently introduced as well so at least you’re not stuck with lots of transfigured dreams that you won’t use and you can finally increase the talent level of the characters you really want/ or use.

This concludes our detailed guide about ascension material conversion in Genshin Impact. Please check out our other pages within the guide for more helpful tips and information about the game.

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