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Domains Guide
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Domains are Genshin Impact’s version of BOTW’s shrines. These special dungeons are the players’ main source of valuable materials for ascending or getting a chance to score high-rarity artifacts. Players can tackle these domains alone or with other players via co-op. In this page, we will discuss the basics of Domains and how important they are in your progression.

Domains are special dungeons or instances that you can tackle alone or via co-op with other players. Some domains are meant to be farmed over and over, with valuable rewards like level-up materials, ascension materials, artifacts, etc. Some regular domains even rotate the rewards you can get daily, with all reward variants becoming available on Sundays. The only limiting factor for repeatedly farming these domains will be the resin. To collect the rewards for these domains, you have to spend at least 20 resin or 1 condensed resin per run. While viewing the domains from the map, you can also conveniently check the rewards each domain has to offer.

Domains Guide

To start challenging domains, you have to reach Adventurer Rank 16 at least. There are single-player domains that you can tackle once (rewards usually include primogems, and Shrine of Depths keys) and repeatable/regular domains where players can repeatedly farm ascension and level-up materials. Regular domains can still be tackled solo but you can still join a random party via Matchmaking. This is usually easier especially when you want to tackle higher difficulty levels of a particular domain.

Domains Guide

Once you have unlocked a domain, interact with it and select the difficulty you want to tackle. Higher difficulty means better loot and higher mora amount but can be incredibly dangerous if you’re not ready. After defeating all enemies within the time limit, don’t forget to interact with the leyline tree to get your rewards before leaving the domain.

Domains Guide

Each domain’s location will be visible in the map (as long as you prayed to the local region’s Statue of the Seven) but you still need to discover the domain on foot first. Unlocked domains also act as teleporter waypoints so you can conveniently visit them instantly. However, simply discovering the domain entrance will not activate it as a teleporter waypoint. There are domains that will remain locked until you reach a particular adventure rank while others will require you to solve environmental puzzles. For example, if a domain is submerged underwater, you have to find a way to lower the water level enough to access it.

Domains Guide

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