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Serenitea Pot Gardening Guide

Serenitea Pot Gardening Guide
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Genshin Impact is a live-service and massive, open-world RPG, released on the mobile, PC, and PS4/PS5 platforms. With the release of version 2.0, miHoyo has implemented the Gardening feature in your Serenitea Pot. This feature allows you to own some patches of land and ponds where you can grow various plants that you’ll normally farm in the wild. In this page, we will discuss the basics of the new Gardening Feature in Genshin Impact.

Use the teleporters!

Version 2.0 also included the ability to place convenient teleporters called Sub-space Waypoints. You can buy up to 10 of them from Tubby, costing 100 RC each, and can be placed anywhere in your current realm. However, she also warns not to put too many waypoints since it will cause her insomnia and may cause trippy effects to your realm like buildings getting placed in wrong locations, trees flying in the sky, etc. We’re not going to test how true that will be and deploying all 10 waypoints is excessive anyway so we’ll just follow her advice.
Serenitea Pot Gardening Guide

These waypoints also count as furnishings so they will count towards an area’s load limit. Use these teleporters to your advantage and convenience! To use the teleporter, just open your map, select the teleporter and travel.

Buying Gardening Fields

There are three types of fields that you can buy from Tubby, under the “Riches of the Realm'' tab. Each field has a specific resource that you can plant. We’ll list them down as follows:
Max deployed
What can be planted
Jade Field
Valberry, Sweet Flower, Small Lamp Grass, Jueyun Chili, Carrot, Radish, Mint, Mushroom
Luxuriant Glebe
Silk Flower, Cecilia, Glaze Lily, Windwheel Aster, Qingxin, Violetgrass, Naku Weed
Orderly Meadow
Horsetail, Snapdragon, Lotus Head, Calla Lily, Seagrass, Sea Ganoderma.

Serenitea Pot Gardening Guide

As you can see, there’s only a limited number of fields for now. Each field can accommodate up to 4 plants/spores each. These fields also count towards the count limit so take that into consideration as well.

Where to get the Seeds

You can buy seeds from Tubby. Select Realm Depot and Creatures of the Realm. Each seed costs 5 RC and you can only buy up to 5 pieces at a time. The Seed Dispensary refreshes weekly so you don’t have to worry about running out of seeds.
Serenitea Pot Gardening Guide

Planting your Seeds

After deploying your fields, head to them personally and interact. Select the four seeds you want to plant and wait for 2 days for them to fully grow and ready for harvest. Once harvested, you have to plant new seeds/spores/samples to replace them. As much as possible, prioritize raising the uncommon/rare plants that can be a hassle to gather. Cecilia, Glaze Lily, Qingxin, Violetgrass, and Horsetail are some of the examples.
Serenitea Pot Gardening Guide

The new gardening system is very straightforward and easy to grasp. Even if you’re not really interested in the feature, just spending a few minutes to set them up and plant some needs will help you a lot in the long run.

This concludes our guide about the newly implemented gardening system in Genshin Impact. Please check out our other pages within the guide for more helpful tips and Genshin Impact content.

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