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How to Level Up and Ascend Characters

How to Level Up and Ascend Characters
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While heavily influenced by BOTW, Genshin Impact instead adopted the standard RPG formula of leveling up characters. Normally, leveling up characters is pretty straightforward - complete quests, kill lots of enemy mobs, etc. However, Genshin Impact implements a system that’s quite similar to mobile game RPGs that will require grinding and collecting of necessary materials to level up your characters. Please continue reading below to learn how to level up your characters and get past the level cap through Ascension.

As your character levels up, their HP, ATK, and DEF are permanently increased as well. If you have a large party with several party members, it is actually recommended to focus on leveling up a core team, preferably composed of top-tier / high-tier characters for overall content clearing and combat. Having at least a few sufficiently-leveled backup characters with different elements than your core team will help a lot, especially with combat and exploration.

Your characters can EXP from defeating enemies but this is very miniscule compared to the amount of EXP needed to level up. The bulk of your EXP will come from Experience Materials that you can acquire from chests, quest rewards, Ley Line Outcrop - Blossom of Revelation, events, adventure rewards, and more. There are three types of EXP materials that you can use: Wanderer’s Advice (grants 1000 EXP), Adventurer’s Experience (grants 5000 exp), and Hero’s Wit (grants 20000 EXP). Using these materials will also require a corresponding amount of mora. As your character’s level gets higher and higher, the number of EXP materials needed and the mora cost will proportionally increase as well.

How to Level Up and Ascend Characters

You can only level up characters up to a certain level cap. After reaching the level cap, you’ll need to Ascend the character. This process involves collecting the necessary Ascension Materials and paying the required mora. You can check the details of each material to display the different sources where you can get them; usually, these will involve hunting down mini-bosses, elite bosses, or clearing specific domains. You’ll have to repeat this process to reach higher levels for your characters.

How to Level Up and Ascend Characters

Higher ascension levels will also require you to reach a specific Adventure Rank. This also serves as a limiting factor that will pretty much force you to complete other tasks that involve increasing your Adventure Rank.

How to Level Up and Ascend Characters

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