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Elemental Reactions Guide

Elemental Reactions Guide
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Elements play a vital role in Genshin Impact’s fast-paced combat and may dictate how hard or easy your encounters will be. Since each character in the game is aligned to specific elements, knowing which characters to include in your team that will synergize well is a key mechanic especially when trying to clear domains or tackling difficult bosses solo. In this guide, we will discuss how to use elemental reactions to trigger various effects on any enemies you face.

Elemental Reactions are effects that get triggered when you combine at least two different elements. The usual way of triggering elemental reactions is by swapping by two characters with different elements (switch out), with one “priming” (sets up the element) the element, then switches out to the character who will deal damage and trigger the reaction. For example, Lisa (electro) attacks and primes the target with the electro symbol, then switching out with Diluc and using his Elemental Skill triggers the Overloaded effect. This can go the other way around as well; with Diluc priming with pyro and Lisa triggering the Overloaded effect with an electro attack. It will help bringing at least two DPS of the same element who can trigger the primer elements and to quickly build up their elemental burst gauges.

Elemental Reactions Guide

You can also trigger reactions against elemental enemies like the slimes, whopperflowers, or those summoned by Rhodeia of Loch by simply using the element that will trigger the reaction. In the example below, the water-based creatures by Rhodeia will automatically trigger Electro-charged when hit by an electro attack.

Elemental Reactions Guide

You’ll know if an enemy is primed by an element since the first element’s icon will be displayed over their heads. (This will appear below the HP bar of bosses as well) The primed element will only be active for reactions for a few seconds. If you fail to trigger a reaction, that primed element will disappear.

Elemental Reactions Guide

As mentioned early, these combinations can be interchanged and you’ll still get a reaction. When it comes to overall damage potential, the best elemental reactions to trigger will be Overload (Pyro + Electro) and Superconduct (Electro + Cryo).

Reaction Required Elements Effects
Burning Pyro + Dendro Deals Pyro damage over time
Vaporize Pyro + Hydro Increases damage from Hydro (x1.5) and Pyro (x2) attacks.
Electro-charged Electro + Hydro Inflicts continuous Electro damage. If a nearby enemy has Melt, an electric current is triggered, damaging nearby enemies as well.
Overloaded Electro + Pyro Creates an explosion, dealing bonus AoE Pyro damage.
Crystallize Geo + any other non-geo elements Generates elemental shards that you can collect to generate a shield. The elemental fragments that will be dropped will depend on the element that got triggered or came in contact with Geo.
Frozen Cryo + Hydro Freezes the target and prevents it from taking action. If you managed to break the encased enemy while frozen, you’ll deal bonus damage.
Melt Cryo + Pyro Increases damage from Cryo (x1.5) and Pyro (x2) attacks.
Superconduct Cryo + Electro Deals AoE Cryo DMG and reduces the target's Physical RES by half.
Swirl Anemo + any other element. Deals extra elemental damage and spreads the effect.

The following debuffs can also affect both your party and enemies.

Debuff Element Effects
Engulfing Storm Electro Energy Recharge continuously drained.
Slowing Water Hydro Increases skill cooldown
Smoldering Flames Pyro Deals DoT (Damage over Time)
Condensed Ice Cryo Increases stamina consumption
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