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How to Solve the Underground Cube Puzzles in Araumi

How to Solve the Underground Cube Puzzles in Araumi
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Genshin Impact is a live-service, massive, open-world RPG, released on the mobile, PC, and PS4/PS5 platforms. Version 2.0 is a massive update that opens up the third main region in the game, Inazuma. This island archipelago offers a lot of new activities, enemies, challenges, puzzles, and more to the player. Araumi is one such area in the game that has several interconnected puzzles. In this guide, we will cover how to complete the two sets of underground cube puzzles in Araumi.

In the Sakura Cleansing quest line, complete the world quests “A Strange Story in Konda” and “Sacrificial Offering” to unlock the third “Cleansing Defilement.” This quest will require you to find three more shrines/thunder sakura roots in the locations listed below. Take note that you have to at least complete the two prerequisite quests to unlock the underground teleporter and domain in Araumi.

* Chiju Forest

* Araumi

* (tidal flats outside) Kamisato Estate.

How to Solve the Underground Cube Puzzles in Araumi

During the quest “Sacrificial Offering”, you’ll get a gadget called Memento Lens. This will allow you to reveal hidden items and objects by using the lends on Earth Kitsunes. Look for the small fox statues that emit blue light to use the lens on. Head to the tower ruins with the sakura tree in Araumi and you should be able to reach the “bottom” of the tower with three earth kitsunes.

How to Solve the Underground Cube Puzzles in Araumi

Examine the Earth Kitsunes with your memento lens to open the hatch that will bring you to the underground chamber with the sakura root. This root and Torii shrine is tied to the Sakura Cleansing questline. Though the cube puzzles we’ll be discussing here are not related to this questline, solving them is necessary to lower the water level and give you access to the underground teleporter and domain.

How to Solve the Underground Cube Puzzles in Araumi

The first set of cubes is located to the left of the Torii gate /thunder sakura root. Like the other rotating puzzle cubes in this region, hitting a cube using an attack from any non-catalyst weapon will make the cube rotate. In this puzzle, the two adjacent cubes will rotate with the cube you have attacked. The cube in the middle is fixed so you only need to operate the 4 outer cubes.

To have a better view, we suggest using a bow-user and climbing up the nearby ledge. We will also provide the instructions via this point of view. To solve this puzzle, do the following steps:

1. Hit the lower-left cube once

2. Hit the upper-right cube twice

3. Hit the lower-left cube once again.

How to Solve the Underground Cube Puzzles in Araumi

When done currently, a Precious Chest will spawn in the corner. The water level is also lowered a bit but that’s not enough; we still have to solve another cube puzzle. Drop down to the flooded chamber below and make your way to the stairs to the left. If you need to rest, you can stand on the blocked alcove to the left to recover your stamina and avoid drowning.

How to Solve the Underground Cube Puzzles in Araumi

Continue to the stairs and operate the nearby switch to open the gate. Turn around to find the next cube puzzle. The solution to this puzzle is very simple; just aim at the central cube and hit it twice. Another Precious chest will spawn and this will completely drain the water in the area, allowing you to explore the flooded corridor earlier and access the underground cavern leading to the teleporter, the Perpetual Mechanical Array, and the Empty Boat of a Thousand Gates domain.

How to Solve the Underground Cube Puzzles in Araumi

This concludes our guide about solving the underground cube puzzles in Araumi, in the Inazuma region of Genshin Impact. Please check out our other pages within the guide for more helpful tips and Genshin Impact content.
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