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Skipping Cutscenes in Genshin Impact

Skipping Cutscenes in Genshin Impact
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Skipping Cutscenes in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is already out and it probably piqued your interest after seeing friends or seeing it in gaming news. This BOTW-inspired action-RPG is one of the hottest titles now, as the game is available on multiple platforms. The game boasts an impressive anime art style, excellent voice acting, and an interesting story. Of course, this means that you’ll encounter a lot of impressive cutscenes as you go through the story.

Whether you’re starting a new account on a new device or region, or simply restarting the game to reroll, you’re probably wondering if there’s any method of skipping cutscenes that you’ve already seen. After all, you already know what’s going to happen and you just want to head straight to the next step or objective.

We have searched about this topic online through multiple resources and even scoured the options but unfortunately, there is no way to skip the cutscenes. This might be a deliberate inconvenience placed by the developers since this is a gacha game and they’re expecting a lot of players to re-roll a lot until they get the characters they desire. Unskippable cutscenes will of course not deter players from re-rolling but at least it will make each re-roll attempt take time and effort.

Aside from unskippable cutscenes, the game also lacks auto-navigate (character automatically goes to the objective), skippable dialogue, and other means of skipping or saving time that are normally found on other mobile games. That aside, if you’re not really re-rolling that much, these limitations are not considered issues.

However, if you’re re-rolling, you’ll have to go through these limitations and find other time-saving methods like ignoring enemies, avoid exploration, mashing the dialogue buttons to go through the conversation faster, finding the optimal route, etc.

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