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Talents and Constellations Guide

Talents and Constellations Guide
Genshin Impact Guide

Genshin Impact features character features called Talents and Constellations. In easier terms, Talents are the characters’ skills and abilities while Constellations are passive effects that drastically improve existing talents. These two play hand-in-hand and can easily overwhelm new players. Don’t worry, we got you. Please continue reading below to learn how these two features work.

What are Talents?

As mentioned above, these are the skills and abilities tied to characters. Each character has 6 talents - 3 combat and 3 passive talents. There are locked talents that will be unlocked once the character progresses through the different Ascension Phase (breaking the level cap).

Combat Talents

Normal Attack: This includes the standard multi-hit combo that can deal either normal or elemental damage corresponding to the user. The damage increases per hit. This also includes a Charged attack (press and hold the attack button, consumes stamina), and a Plunging attack (attack from above)
Talents and Constellations Guide

Elemental Attack: Allows the user to unleash a powerful elemental attack that corresponds to their Vision/ element. This will vary in uses so make sure to read the talent’s description in the character’s profile. Some elemental attacks can be triggered once, performed as a combo, held-release for more powerful effects, etc. Elemental attacks don't cost MP (since there’s no separate gauge for that in the game) but will require a cooldown to finish before you can activate it again. If an elemental attack has a lingering effect, switching over to a new character will still carry on the effect (like Barbara’s “Let the Show Begin” skill) until the effect’s timer expires.

Elemental Burst: These are special attacks that a character can use after absorbing elemental energy. These are powerful attacks or support effects that can’t be interrupted by enemies. Each character has a different elemental burst and they can be a game-changer when used at the right moment.

Passive Talent 1: This skill will be unlocked after a character ascends once. (Ascension Phase 1) This normally includes improvement to the character’s combat talents.

Passive Talent 2: Similar to the first passive talent, this also pertains to improvements to the character’s combat talents. However, this skill slot can only be used after Ascension Rank 4.

Passive Talent 3: This skill normally involves bonus effects that can be applicable to various parts of the game like improved chances to double the product obtained while cooking, display ores in the mini-map, chances to refund materials used for crafting, and many more. Thankfully, this talent is already available to the character by default.

How to Level Up Talents

You’ll be able to permanently level up individual talents after a character reaches Ascension Phase 2 onwards. This will improve a talent’s skill attributes and will require “Talent Level-Up Material” in the form of books. You can find these books in high-quality chests and as rewards for clearing specific domains. Leveling up talents also costs a lot of mora so prioritize leveling up the talents of your main team.
Talents and Constellations Guide

How to Level Up Constellation

Each character has access to their respective constellations. These are a collection of passive effects that provide new beneficial effects to the character or permanent upgrades to their existing skills/talents. The only limiting factor is that the required materials can only be obtained if you ever get a duplicate of that character. This is especially true for characters obtained via Wish. The Traveler (main character) can get these items through the main quest, adventure rank reward, and purchasing it from the Souvenir Shop.
Talents and Constellations Guide

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