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How to Permanently Increase Stamina

How to Permanently Increase Stamina
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Similar to BOTW, Genshin Impact also has a stamina system that’s quite essential in your survival since it’s both used in exploration and combat. Since Stamina is shared between all your characters, knowing how to permanently increase this stat doesn’t only allow you to explore further, it also gives you more chances to evade powerful attacks especially when fighting bosses.

Why Stamina is Important

Stamina is consumed when you’re sprinting, climbing, swimming, or gliding. These actions are all useful for exploration and will even allow you to reach locations that you won’t be able to reach otherwise. Running out of stamina while gliding, climbing, or swimming is also risky, sometimes resulting in an untimely demise for the character you’re controlling.

How to Permanently Increase Stamina

In combat, higher stamina allows you to evade and use charged attacks more often, which is quite advantageous especially when you’re up against difficult bosses or large mobs of enemies. It’s quite obvious how bad it would be if your stamina is completely drained just before a powerful attack that you could’ve evaded otherwise.

How to Permanently Increase Stamina

Increasing your Stamina

There’s only one method in the game to permanently increase your stamina and that will require a lot of exploration and time. You need to find Anemoculi and Geoculi scattered in their respective regions and offer them to the Statue of Seven of the same region. Some of these small collectibles are hiding in obscure locations while some are hiding in plain sight. Some will also require a bit of puzzle solving. You can find anemoculi in various locations in Mondstadt while geoculi are exclusive to the Liyue region. The amount of anemo/geoculi needed to level up the statues will increase as your level goes up.

How to Permanently Increase Stamina

Thankfully, you’ll know if an anemoculi or geoculi is nearby since a star icon will appear on your mini-map. When you see it, head towards the spot where the star is displayed on your map then look up, under the trees’ canopy, inside hidden alcoves or caves, etc. For anemo/geoculi that are out of reach, you’ll have to find a high location where you can jump and glide to reach it.

How to Permanently Increase Stamina

It will be hard to manually describe each of the anemo/geoculi locations so we suggest using an interactive map that we also used for exploring and finding these elusive collectibles. You can still find them on your own but having a tool like this will be immensely helpful.

How to Permanently Increase Stamina
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