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Character Tier List

Character Tier List
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Genshin Impact features a character recruitment system called Wish, that functions almost identically as other mobile titles’ gacha system. Similar to a lottery system, the results of the wishes are entirely dependent on luck and RNG. In this page, we will discuss the initial tier list for all available characters at the moment. This list will change as the game adds new characters or if there will be permanent buffs/debuffs applied to existing characters.

If you want to learn more about how the game’s Wish (gacha) system works, please check our dedicated guide. This tier list is based on various sources including other sites and Reddit. Considerations for this tier list include the character’s overall presence in exploration general combat. Take note that even if you don’t have the top-tier characters, you can still do well by using high-tier characters with a good Team Composition and those who can trigger powerful elemental reactions.

We will not discuss the placement of all characters but we’ll justify our choices for the S and A tiers. Also, please take note of the shortcuts or abbreviations we’ll use in this guide:
* CA: Charged Attack
* ES: Elemental Skill
* EB: Elemental Burst

Character Tier List

S-Tier Characters


(Pyro, Claymore) Character Tier List Diluc is a top-tier DPS. His weapon of choice allows him to have a wide arc of attack, albeit slower than the standard one-hand sword. His ES can be used up to three times before cooling down, perfect for smashing shields and barriers. Finally, when using his EB, he’ll release a flaming phoenix that has a very wide range that can even carry lighter enemies along its path, dealing even more damage or throwing them off ledges. Furthermore, after using his EB, his weapon will have a temporary fire buff that deals pyro damage upon contact.

You can equip Diluc with ATK, CRIT, and Pyro DMG boosting artifacts and artifact sets to complement his pure DPS build. If you’re lucky enough to get his Constellation level up to 2, you can get his Searing Ember skill that further enhances his damage output. (Searing Ember: When Diluc takes DMG, his Base ATK increases by 10% and his ATK SPD increases by 5%. Lasts for 10s.This effect can stack up to 3 times and can only occur once every 1.5s.)


(Electro, Bow) Character Tier List As a bow user, she’ll be a perfect replacement for Amber in terms of solving puzzles that require shooting down flying anemo slimes as well as electro elemental monuments. You can also use her to pre-emptively snipe enemies or hunt down animals and birds for cooking.

Fischl’s ES is also her primary means of dealing damage. She’ll summon her electro crow named Oz. Oz will act independently and will stick around even if you switch characters, making it an ideal setter for powerful elemental reactions like Overload or Super-conduct. Her EB allows her to take the form of Oz and manually control it to deal electro damage to your intended target. The only downside is that this can be hard to control so getting used to steering her while in Oz form will be essential.

For her equipment, focus on artifact sets that will give her bonuses to Elemental Skill and Electro Damage. One of the best weapons for her is the Stringless, a 4-star bow that increases Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst DMG by a certain amount.


(Cryo, Sword) Character Tier List
Don’t be fooled by Qiqi’s adorable size since she’s the best healer/support character in the game so far. Her ES (Herald of Frost) gives her a very reliable and sustained healing. While the Herald is deployed, Qiqi’s normal or charged attacks will regenerate HP for all party members and all nearby allied characters. The amount of healing scales with Qiqi’s attack. If you switch her out with the herald active, the current character will still retain a regular interval of HP regeneration until the skill goes on cooldown. Finally, the Herald can also follow the current character around, dealing Cryo DMG to enemies in its path, making it an ideal setup for electro users and trigger the Superconduct reaction.

Finally, Qiqi’s EB (Adeptus Art: Preserver of Fortune) deals cryo damage to multiple enemies. This also applies an effect that will allow the character attacking the affected enemy to regenerate HP based on the damage inflicted. This will allow the character(s) you’ll switch in to aggressively press the attack since they have sustained healing backing them up.

For exploration, Qiqi’s size can be disadvantageous to her especially when climbing. However, you should still include her as part of the exploration party (while in Liyue) because of her passive (Former Life Memories) that displays the location of nearby resources unique to Liyue on the mini-map.


(Anemo, Bow) Character Tier List
Venti probably has the best crowd-control EB that absolutely wrecks almost any enemy in its range. His burst, called Wind's Grand Ode allows him to create a powerful anemo vortex that sucks in enemies inside. Aside from dealing continuous anemo damage, any Hydro/Pyro/Cryo/Electro elements caught in the vortex deal additional elemental DMG of that type, triggering a massive pool of elemental reactions inside.

Venti’s ES, Skyward Sonnet, also deals aoe damage around the spot where it is activated. Holding the button for this move will also create a bigger aoe field that also launches Venti and any enemy caught inside. While this move is exceptional in combat, this serves Venti well in exploration, especially in the tall, rocky terrains of Liyue. This can even allow Venti to easily reach anemo/geoculi that you have to otherwise reach by finding a high location and gliding towards them. Venti's Passive Skill “Windrider” is another skill that makes him an impressive exploration companion since it reduces the stamina consumption of all party members by 20%.

You can reduce Venti’s EB downtime and power by giving him artifact sets that improve the energy recharge and increase anemo damage.

A Tier Characters


(Anemo, Sword) Character Tier List
Jean is a balanced attacker and healer. She’s also quite easy to use, especially when connecting combos. Her ES (Gale Blade) allows her to throw enemies off with a powerful anemo thrust. When holding the button for ES, Jean can create a powerful vortex that traps lighter enemies (at the cost of stamina) in the direction she’s facing. Releasing the hold button throws these enemies forward. This makes her an ideal choice to instantly kill light enemies by thrusting them off the edges of high cliffs.

Jean’s EB, Dandelion Breeze, is the cream-of-the-crop of her arsenal. When activated, all party members and nearby allied units will instantly heal a large amount of HP, scaled off Jean’s attack. All enemies inside the Dandelion Field will get launched while suffering Anemo DMG. Any character inside the field will continuously regenerate HP and temporarily imbues them with Anemo attribute. All enemies entering or exiting the field will suffer anemo damage as well.

Jean can become a reliable hybrid DPS and healer by combining weapons and artifact sets focused on improving her ATK, elemental burst, and anemo damage.


(Hydro, Catalyst) Character Tier List
Barbara is a very reliable support healer, thanks to her ES (Let the Show Begin). After using, she’ll have a melody loop surrounding her, dealing hydro damage to surrounding enemies and afflicting them with Wet status effect. While Melody Loop is active, Barbara will be able to trigger the following effects:
* Barbara’s normal attacks can heal all party members and nearby allies, that’s scaled off her Max HP value.
* Barbara’s charged attack can generate up to 4 times the amount of healing
* When switched out, the current character will still regenerate HP as long as the melody loop is active.
* The current character will also get the wet status.

The only downside for Barbara’s otherwise great regen skill is the wet effect. It’s going to be a challenge having the Wet status when facing off enemies that can freeze or electrocute the character who subbed with Barbara.

Barbara’s EB (Shining Miracle) is also an exceptional healing skill, capable of healing all party members and allies that scales up with her Max HP. Down the line, if you’re able to get her constellation level to LV6 (Dedicating Everything to You), Barbara will gain access to an instant full HP revive that occurs once every 15 mins.

The ideal weapon for Barbara is the 3-star catalyst "Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers". This allows her to buff the next character that switches in with her, up to 48%. Since you won't be using Barbara to deal damage, you'll be most likely switching her out only to activate her Melody Loop and trigger this weapon's effect. For artifacts, the sets The Exile and/or The Scholar.


(Hydro, Catalyst) Character Tier List
As another hydro-catalyst, Mona is a reliable hydro spellcaster is Barbara’s complete opposite since she’s well-versed in offense. Her ES is the Reflection of Doom that creates an illusion called The Phantom of Fate (only one can exist) that aggroes nearby enemies and deals continuous hydro damage to them. After the phantom’s duration runs out, it will explode, dealing hydro AoE dmg to nearby enemies. The skill’s hold function allows Mona to move back quickly before conjuring a phantom.

Mona also has a really large AoE attack in the form of her EB, Stellaris Phantasm. This wide-area hydro AoE attack that inflicts the Wet status to enemies and deals damage to enemies affected while also debuffing them, increasing the damage they’ll take for a short period of time. Switching over to an electro or ice character can help trigger good reactions with this setup.

For exploration, only Mona has the capability to phase through small bodies of water like streams or rivers. While controlling Mona, you only need to press and hold sprint while on dry land and she’ll automatically phase through water. Take note this consumes stamina so she’ll still get drowned if she runs out of stamina while on the water.
For the artifact sets, consider giving her artifacts that boosts her elemental mastery, Elemental Burst DMG, and or Elemental Recharge.


(Electro, Sword) Character Tier List
Kecing is an excellent electro sword-user that offers a considerable offensive presence in your team. Her ES, Stellar Restoration, allows her to throw an orb of lightning (Lightning Stiletto) at a particular range, dealing a small AoE damage when it hits the target. If you didn’t hit the target, this lightning orb will stay in position and will allow you to “blink” or teleport to the orb while also slashing as soon as she re-appears. This can be used offensively, allowing Kecing to deal a literal lighting-fast strike on the intended target. When used in exploration, this will allow her to reach higher ledges, towers, or even over wind barriers.

Her EB, Starward Sword, is also a great, wide-area attack that deals AoE electro damage, with multiple strikes before ending with a massive strike. To take full advantage of her skills, focus on giving her weapons and artifacts that boosts ATK and Crit Rate.


(Pyro, Polearm) Character Tier List
Xianling is a great pyro DPS that can be a great stand-in if you don’t have Diluc. She’s user-friendly since her skills are very straightforward. Her ES allows her to summon Guoba, which will breath fire in a small AoE range and will automatically target nearby enemies. Guoba will stay in the field for a few seconds, allowing you to switch in with another character to trigger reactions (preferably an electro character to trigger Overload)

Her EB, Pyronado, allows her to summon three spinning fire projectiles that will burn enemies and deal pyro damage. She can be switched out while the Pyronado is in effect as well, making it another ideal elemental reaction setup for electro-DPS characters.

Furthermore, Xianling is also a great companion for cooking since her passive talent, Chef de Cuisine, gives you a 12% chance to double the amount of cooked dishes if she handles the cooking.

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