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Battle Pass Weapons Guide

Battle Pass Weapons Guide
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Genshin Impact is a live-service and massive, open-world RPG, released on the mobile, PC, and PS4/PS5 platforms. However, similar to mobile games, it incorporates gacha mechanics and an in-game shop where players can spend real money to purchase goods and enhancements. In this page, we will cover the five exclusive weapons that you can get from the Battle Pass/Gnostic Hymn.

How to unlock these weapons?

Once you’ve reached BP LV30 with Gnostic Hymn, you’ll be able to select one of the five available BP weapons of your choice. All BP weapons have Crit Rate as their sub-stat with different effects. These are the only 4-star weapons that provide Crit Rate as a substat, which is undeniably one of the most desirable substats in the game for DPS or Sub-DPS characters. BP weapons are generally useful and can be great additions to your party’s arsenal especially if they don’t have access to 5-star or useful 4-star weapons.

The only problem with BP weapons is that their Refinements will be hard to come by. Since you can only avail a new BP weapon once a new BP period has started, you’re basically limited to 1 BP weapon every 40 days. As such, sometimes it’s better to just get a different BP weapon so your other characters can use it instead of getting the same copy of what you have only to be used for refinement.

As a disclaimer, we will only feature the default values of these BP weapons (R1 or Refinement 1) below.

Black Sword

This is a very useful sword in the game for sword DPS users like Keqing, the Traveler, and Kaeya. It’s also a good stand-in for a DPS-build Jean. The catch is that the user of this sword should have a high crit rate in order to proc its auto-heal second effect. Nevertheless, the +20% damage increase to normal and charge attacks is great to have.
Battle Pass Weapons Guide

Serpent Spine

At full effect, this claymore gives the user a 30% damage boost while making them take 15% more damage from enemies. These buff/debuff effects will lower whenever the user takes damage so to preserve its useful damage boost buff, the user must be protected by a shield to prevent the stack counters from getting removed while also mitigating the increased damage taken from enemies debuff.
Battle Pass Weapons Guide

Solar Pearl

This catalyst’s effect is quite potent as it almost guarantees a 20% damage boost whenever the user performs normal attacks, ES (elemental skill), or EB (elemental burst). To make the most out of this weapon, the user must be on the field most of the time so DPS catalysts like Ningguang, Klee, Lisa, and Yanfei will benefit from this weapon.
Battle Pass Weapons Guide

The Viridescent Hunt

The weapon can generate a small cyclone that sucks enemies in while dealing 40% of the user’s ATK as physical damage. This is useful for DPS archers like Ganyu, Fischl, and Amber. The crit rate substat is particularly desirable for Ganyu especially if she doesn’t have access to a 5-star bow.
Battle Pass Weapons Guide


This is probably the most useful BP weapon because of its consistent beneficial effect with no downside. When facing more than 1 enemy, the user gets an ATK and DEF boost by 16%. When fighting a lone enemy, it becomes a 24% damage boost. This polearm is great for DPS characters like Xiao or Sub-DPS characters like Rosaria, and Xianling. Zhongli can also use this weapon if he has a main or burst DPS support role.
Battle Pass Weapons Guide

As mentioned above, BP weapons are generally great for DPS and sub-dps characters. They’re essentially good stand-in weapons especially if you lack 5-star weapons or ideal 4-star weapons for your favorite characters. If we’ll rank the BP weapons based on their overall usefulness and consistency, it will be like this:
1. Deathmatch
2. Black Sword
3. The Viridescent Hunt
4. Solar Pearl
5. Serpent Spine

This concludes our short guide about Genshin Impact’s different Battle Pass/Gnostic Hymn weapons. Please check out our other pages within the guide for more helpful tips and information about the game.

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