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Expeditions Guide
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Farming for materials in Genshin Impact can be a chore, especially with an expansive map filled with danger. Fortunately, the game offers a passive system where you can get resources by sending characters you’re not using to expeditions. In this page, we will discuss the basics of the Expeditions system and how you can take advantage of it.
Expeditions will become available as soon you’ve reached Adventurer Rank 14. Expeditions will allow you to send reserved party members to collect various resources, initially within the region of Mondstadt then eventually to Liyue (once you’ve reached that region). You can do this by talking to Katheryne in the Adventurers’ Guild stalls in Mondstadt, Liyue Harbor, or Inazuma. For the region of Inazuma to be added to the expedition list, you'll need to activate at least one of the three statues found in the three areas of the archipelago.
Expeditions Guide

In the Expedition Dispatch screen, select the location where you want to dispatch your characters. You’ll get a preview of the resources you can obtain from that location. After selecting the location, you can also set the duration of the individual expeditions, ranging from 4 to 20 hours, to get better and more rewards. Once the expedition duration has been set, you can then select the character you want to dispatch. You can recall deployed characters with no cost except for lost time.
Expeditions Guide

You can have a maximum of 5 expeditions available at a time. Once there's a character who returned from an expedition, you'll get a notification in the upper-left corner of the screen while you're viewing the map. The items collected from expeditions are automatically added to your inventory. Minerals collected from expeditions will count towards the "Mine 10 minerals" daily BP task.

The Expedition system was updated for a few months. The characters selected for expeditions are not locked anymore; that means you can still use them in your party even if you sent them to expeditions. This is very helpful to players with fewer characters to choose from.

There are four characters with Expedition-related talent that reduces the duration of the expedition by 20%. However, these talents will only take effect by deploying them in their respective regions.

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