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How to Farm Naku Weed

How to Farm Naku Weed
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Genshin Impact is a live-service, massive, open-world RPG, released on the mobile, PC, and PS4/PS5 platforms. Version 2.0 is a massive update that opens up the third main region in the game, Inazuma. This island archipelago offers a lot of new activities, enemies, challenges, puzzles, and more to the player. In our Naku Weed farming guide, we will provide the necessary pointers on how to find and farm this new resource from Inazuma.

Even on windless days, this plant will tremble lightly amid the cries of thunder. The part of it that resembles petals are in fact extensions of the leaves meant to protect the fragile flower.

The Naku Weed grows strongly in areas saturated with Electro energy. Due to its great affinity for lightning, it is often used by residents to predict storms. Stories tell that these plants are what the bake-danuki Ioroi stole from the Shogun's very own garden using its powers, before planting them throughout the islands. Even long after its punishment and disappearance, people still speak of Ioroi's many deeds. (-Archive Description)

What is Naku Weed

This purple-colored weed has a natural affinity for electro energy, making it endemic to specific areas teeming with electro particles. Like other resources in the game, naku weeds can be found in their fixed locations in the map and will respawn after at least 48 real-time hours have passed. You can simply pick them up to gather them.
How to Farm Naku Weed

Naku Weed Uses

Currently, there are no weapons or food recipes that require the use of this resource. Yoimiya is the current character for now that requires naku weed to ascend her. You’ll need a total of 178 naku weeds to fully ascend Yoimiya. You’re also required to give 12 naku seeds as part of the objectives for the world quest “Treatment on the Island”.
How to Farm Naku Weed

How to Farm Naku Weeds

Naku Weeds can be gathered from your Serenitea Pot, thanks to the newly-implemented gardening system. You can buy 5 seeds weekly from Tubby using Realm Currency. You can harvest them after 2 days, 20 hours so this is not really a quick way of getting them. However, this is still a welcome additional source of Naku Weeds.
How to Farm Naku Weed

In the wild, Naku Weeds can be found in several islands but they’re scattered in small numbers within certain areas only. Thankfully, Mihoyo’s official interactive map has been updated and will include the individual locations of the Naku Weeds. We highly recommend using this map since it also provides the locations of other important spots like oculi, materials, statues, and more.
How to Farm Naku Weed

If you’re a PC and mobile player, you can also log in to the official Mihoyo site so you can manually mark off/hide the one-time resources that you have collected like the electroculi. This will make it easier for you to track the ones you have already collected or not. If you’re an original PS4/PS5 player like me, it will be a good idea to enable cross-save by using a fresh email account (with no Genshin Impact progress) to a Mihoyo account. That way, you can keep track of your progress with the interactive map by using it on your phone or mobile device while playing on the console.

Naku Weeds are quite a hassle to collect since you’re limited to one stalk at a time. Furthermore, most naku weeds are not found close together so you’ll have to cover a large area in order to get a handful of them. Since they’re (currently) not used in any cooking recipes, there’s really no immediate need of collecting them except if you have Yoimiya and you’ll want to fully ascend her. There are only a total of 54 naku weeds that can be collected in a single day (and some are even locked within the Tatarasuna area), so you may need to wait for a couple of days or visit other players’ worlds and ask if you can farm this resource from there.

This concludes our short guide about farming Naku Weed in the Inazuma region in Genshin Impact. Please check out our other pages within the guide for more helpful tips and Genshin Impact content.

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