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How to Farm Ore Chunks and Crystals

How to Farm Ore Chunks and Crystals
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RPGs may incorporate crafting systems that will require players to collect various materials for crafting new gear or components. Genshin Impact is no different; while exploring, you have to keep an eye out for these materials so you can collect them as you encounter them. In this page, we will focus on how to farm various ores found in the wild.

Type of Ores and Crystals

There are four types of minerals you can mine in the game. All mineral deposits can be found on the side of rock cliffs and can be easily identified since they also glimmer like other collectible materials you’ll encounter. Take note that while some of these materials can be found in other regions, you’ll find them more frequently in the listed locations below.
How to Farm Ore Chunks and Crystals
How to Farm Ore Chunks and Crystals

Iron Chunk
Commonly found around Mondstadt but will be frequently available in other regions as well.
White Iron Chunk
Check in the Stormbearer Mountains and Wolvendom regions.
Crystal Chunk
Check in Stormterror’s Lair
Electro Crystal
Check in Cape Oath

How to Mine

These ores can be tricky to mine if you don’t know what you’re doing. The best way to destroy ore deposits and crystals on the rock face is by switching to a character using a Claymore (two-handed heavy sword) weapon. The earliest you can get is Noelle, a free 4-star character that you can get by drawing (wishing) 10 times via the Beginner banner. While using her, simply swing her massive weapon and destroy the deposits instantly, allowing you to collect the chunks and crystals. You can use other characters’ attacks but it will take a full combo or two to destroy these deposits.
How to Farm Ore Chunks and Crystals

If you don’t have Noelle, you can use Amber’s Explosive Puppet skill instead but this can be tricky since the puppet will move while taunting (and possibly slide off slopes) and it will make mining even more tedious since it will take a few seconds for the puppet to explode.

To mine Electro Crystals, you’ll need to attack the deposits using Pyro skills. Amber’s charged arrow shot can destroy these, as well as her Explosive Puppet. Other characters with access to Pyro attacks can be used to destroy and mine these crystals as well.
How to Farm Ore Chunks and Crystals

Detect Ore Veins with Ningguang

If you have managed to recruit Ningguang via Wish, you can add her to your party to take advantage of her Trove of Marvelous Treasures talent. This skill displays the location of nearby ore veins in your mini-map. If you don’t have her or you don’t want to include her in your party, you have no choice but to rely on your sense of direction and keen eye to see these veins or even know where to look.
How to Farm Ore Chunks and Crystals

Obtain Ore via Expeditions

Another method of obtaining ores is via Expeditions. This feature becomes available once you reach Adventurer Rank 14. To use this feature, head to the Adventurer’s Guild kiosk near the gate and talk to Katheryne. Select the option to Dispatch Character on Expedition and you’ll be able to assign a party member to explore that selected stage. Select the stages such as Whispering Woods and/or Dadaupa Gorge since these give ores and crystals as reward. Finally, set the duration of the expedition. The longer the expedition, the better quality and higher quantity the rewards will be. If you also have Fischl, you can have her do the expeditions since one of her talents reduces the time it takes to complete the expedition.
How to Farm Ore Chunks and Crystals

What are they used for?

If you checked these ores and crystals’ description on your inventory, their use will be mentioned in their individual descriptions. Primarily, ores can be forged by Mondstadt’s blacksmith, Wagner. Ores can be forged to create Enhancement Stones (consumable materials that can be used to increase weapon level) or used raw as crafting material. As a general tip, don’t always forge your rare ores and crystals to Enhancement Stones. Keep them since a large number of them are needed to craft some weapons.
How to Farm Ore Chunks and Crystals

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