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How to Open Different Treasure Chests

How to Open Different Treasure Chests
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Genshin Impact features treasure chests that contain a lot of loot, ranging from the standard/common weapons and artifacts to the rarer valuables. There’s a lot of treasure chests randomly scattered in the game - some are out in plain sight while others will require you to solve some minor puzzles. In this page we will list down some of the most common ways to find or unseal chests.

Treasure chests come in different rarities: Common, Exquisite, Precious, and Luxurious. The quality and number of loot you’ll obtain will depend on the treasure chest’s quality. You’ll encounter common and exquisite chests quite often while exploring. Precious chests are usually high-value rewards for completing quests or solving somewhat complex or multi-step puzzles. Finally, Luxurious chests are found inside specific shrines that need the Shrine of Depths keys to unlock.

Defeat all enemies surrounding the chest.
This is very straightforward; you’ll see a sealed chest surrounded by enemies or a powerful mini-boss. Defeat all enemies to remove the seal and loot the chest. Also, sometimes, there are chests that will appear free for the taking but will suddenly become sealed and enemies will spawn. Do the same process to unseal the chest.

Guide seelies back to their stone statues.
These are the blue, glowing, spirit-like creatures you’ll easily spot at a distance. You’ll need to get really close to them and follow them close until they reach their statues. The chest will spawn near the statue.
How to Open Different Treasure Chests

Complete Challenges
You can start challenges by interacting with the red symbols over pedestals scattered throughout the map. The challenges may vary, like defeating all enemies, racing over to the chest’s location before the time runs out, etc. If you fail, you can retry these challenges over and over again. Once a challenge has been completed, the challenge icon will disappear.
How to Open Different Treasure Chests

Items in a square formation
Pick up all items in a square formation. Usually, you’ll find items neatly arranged in a square shape. Simply pick them up to spawn a chest. Not all formations like this spawns chests.

Destroy stone pillars.
Sometimes, you’ll encounter neatly arranged, stone pillars. Destroy all stone pillars to spawn the chest. Sometimes, enemies will spawn so you have to deal with them too as well.

Destroy boulders or suspicious pile of rocks.
You’ll normally find these on the side of hills or cliffs. If you use your elemental sight, these rocks will appear with a different shade of brown.
How to Open Different Treasure Chests

Floating anemo slime.
Shoot all floating anemo slime using arrows to spawn a chest near their position. Sometimes, you’ll find these slimes compressed into cotton-like leaves on a branch. If you investigate the branch, the slimes will inflate and float away, following a fixed pattern.

Solve minor puzzles
There are puzzles like activating elemental monuments or lighting up torches using Pyro skills. Elemental Monuments can be activated using the elemental skills of characters capable of using that element. Normally, you can take your time activating these monuments but there are groups of monuments that have some sort of individual timer so you’ll need to activate all monuments in quick succession. Torches on the other hand don't seem to have the timed variant but you have to find and light up all torches using any pyro attack.
How to Open Different Treasure Chests

Go over the wind barrier.
There are chests found inside wind barriers. You have to find a way to glide over the opening at the top of the barrier so you can safely drop and reach the chest.

Burn thorny vines wrapping on chests with Pyro or shatter rocks covering the chests using claymore, geo, or anemo attacks.

Occasionally, you may find half-buried chests. Just stand on top of them to get the dig prompt.
How to Open Different Treasure Chests

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