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How to Increase Adventure Rank

How to Increase Adventure Rank
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Like other RPG titles, Genshin Impact has a progression system that will directly and indirectly affect your characters. Aside from the standard level-up system, the game also features an Adventure Rank mechanic that represents the player’s experience. Please read more below to learn what Adventure Rank means to you and how you can increase it.

What is Adventure Rank?

This gauge is meant to represent your experience with what the game has to offer. There are certain features and instances (dungeons or domains) that will require you to reach specific Adventure Ranks. Eventually, you’ll also be able to increase your World Level. This is the game’s way of scaling the enemies’ strengths to your level and increase the quality of drops and rewards at the same time. Later on, you’ll even need to complete Adventure Rank Ascension Quests to increase the world level.
How to Increase Adventure Rank

Please see the features you’ll unlock as you increase your adventure rank listed below.
Adventure Rank
Unlocked Features
Rank 14
Commissions and Dispatch unlocked
Rank 16
Co-op (Multiplayer) unlocked
Rank 20
World Level increased to LV1. Monsters and boss levels increased. Reward drops upgraded. Max adventure rank increased to 25.
Rank 25
World Level increased to LV2. Monsters and boss levels increased. Reward drops upgraded. Max adventure rank increased to 30.
Rank 30
World Level increased to LV3. Monsters and boss levels increased. Reward drops upgraded. Max adventure rank increased to 35.

How to increase Adventure Rank

Increasing your Adventure Rank can be achieved through several methods. Since other valuable rewards can be obtained on activities that will award you with Adventure Rank exp, simply playing the game daily and clearing quests, domains, etc will give you a consistent progression in your AR EXP. We have listed activities below that will help boost your AR. Don’t forget to check your Adventure Handbook since most of these activities are listed there as well, including the preview of the rewards and how much ARXP you’ll get from each.
* Complete quests
* Complete daily commissions
* Complete Investigation (Experience) tasks
* Clearing Basic and Advanced Domains
* Clear Leyline Outcrops and Defeat Elite Bosses
How to Increase Adventure Rank

Adventure Rank Rewards

Furthermore, whenever your AR increases, check the Adventurer’s Guild booth in Mondstadt or Liyue to get your rank-up rewards! These rewards can only be claimed once but will usually involve a lot of mora and rare/valuable materials or consumables. Whenever you open your map, there will be a notification on the upper-left corner of the screen so keep an eye out for any notification just in case you forgot that you ranked up already.
How to Increase Adventure Rank

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