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How to Farm Mora (Money)?

How to Farm Mora (Money)?
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Mora is Genshin Impact’s main currency that players can obtain as reward from various activities, obtained from chests, or dropped by enemies. Of course there’s a lot of integral features in the game that require mora so knowing how to efficiently farm this currency will help you a lot in the long run. We will be listing down several methods or sources where you can earn mora so please read on.

What are the uses of Mora?

Here’s the list of all features in the game that requires mora. Take note that there’s no selling function in the game so you’ll have to earn mora without selling your loot.
* Leveling up and Ascending your characters
* Leveling up and Ascending your weapons
* Forging items at the blacksmith
* Buying goods from stores (except from the Souvenir Shop)
How to Farm Mora (Money)?

Mora farming methods

Ley Line Outcrops - Blossom of Wealth

The best way to get huge sums of Mora is by activating Ley Line Outcrops - Blossom of Wealth (yellow clouds) and defeat all enemies to get a large amount of mora. You have to spend 20 Original Resin to open the blossom and get the reward. The original resin requirement will be your main limitation for this method but the amount you’ll get is going to be helpful, nonetheless.
How to Farm Mora (Money)?

Keep looting those chests!

The common way of obtaining mora is by completing various quests. Opening high-rarity chests will also consistently give a good amount of mora.
How to Farm Mora (Money)?

Complete your Daily Commissions

First, you need to unlock commissions by reaching Adventure Rank 12. There are four daily commissions that you can take. The amount of mora you’ll receive for completing every commission will vary. Don’t forget to get the completion reward for finishing all 4 commissions for that day.
How to Farm Mora (Money)?

Complete Investigation Tasks

Once you unlock the Adventurer Handbook feature, you'll see some tasks listed within the Experience tab. Completing all quests listed will allow you to collect the completion reward, which will usually involve a substantial amount of mora. Some of the individual tasks will also give you a large amount of mora, especially at higher levels.
How to Farm Mora (Money)?

Trade using Sigils at Souvenir Shops

You can trade Anemo or Geo Sigils for mora at Souvenir Shops in Mondstadt and Liyue respectively. Unlike other items in the souvenir shop that have a purchase limit and do not restock, mora doesn’t seem to have that restriction. You can collect sigils by simply opening chests. Some geo sigils can also be collected from strange symbols on the rock face in the Liyue region.
How to Farm Mora (Money)?

Trade using Stardust in the Shop

You can also access the shop and trade 10 Stardust for 10,000 mora. Stardust can be traded for other useful items so consider doing this only as a last resort or if you’re really desperate for immediate money.
How to Farm Mora (Money)?

Obtain via Expedition

Dispatch characters to locations that yield mora as reward. Not really that efficient and you’re better off having them collect materials especially ores for weapon crafting.

Complete Abyss Corridor Floors

This is unlocked once you've reached Adventurer Rank 21. This is a dungeon where you have to tackle several floors of increasingly powerful enemies with a selection of buffs/debuffs that you can apply to your party. The elemental advantages/disadvantages will vary each floor so having a high-leveled and properly equipped party with different elements is recommended when trying to tackle the challenges of this abyss. You'll obtain a substantial amount of primogems and mora as you clear more floors.
How to Farm Mora (Money)?

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