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How to Enable Multiplayer

How to Enable Multiplayer
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Genshin Impact is already out and it probably piqued your interest after seeing friends posting about it on social media or seeing it in gaming news. This BOTW-inspired action-RPG is one of the hottest titles now, as the game is available on multiple platforms. While the game is rich with single-player content, one of its charms is the option to play with friends to help each other out especially in tough quests and boss battles. Please read below to learn how to enable multiplayer and what are the restrictions.

Cross-play is available

As mentioned earlier, the game is available on PC, mobile (Android or IOS), and PS4. This simply means that players on these platforms can add each other as friends using UIDs (unique ID) and even join together for coop play. However, something that’s not mentioned regularly is that cross-platform as regional/server lock. We have covered this intensively in our dedicated page about this title’s cross-save and cross-play options.

How to Enable Multiplayer

Adventurer Rank Requirement

This feature is automatically unlocked as soon as you reach Adventure Rank 16. You’ll get an in-game notification and the Coop icon can be selected on your screen. Reaching this rank can take hours, even days at a good pacing so check out our dedicated tips page to learn how to increase your Adventure Rank fast.

How to Enable Multiplayer

How to Play Coop

As long as you have unlocked this feature, you’re automatically the host. In the Co-op mode screen, look at the lower-right to find the My Multiplayer dropdown. This will allow you to toggle settings to whether to allow invites automatically or with your approval. Take note however, that if you’re in a middle of an important story quest, you may need to complete it first before you can enable Coop mode.

You can join open sessions by searching your friends’ UID or Online ID (for PSN) or selecting one from the list. Your friends can do the same by searching your UID and sending an invite. If you don’t want to host or keep playing solo without invites coming in, you can also toggle that from the My Multiplayer option.

Co-op Restrictions

*You must meet the World Level of the host. World Level determines the strength of the enemies so it's natural to expect that you should be able to handle your own while visiting on another world.
* Important quests that are not yet completed by a traveler will be temporarily paused. These can be resumed after leaving Co-Op mode.
* Guest travelers can’t pick up anemoculi, geoculi, etc or make offerings to the Statue of the Seven. You can still visit statues to replenish your character’s HP.
* Guest travelers can’t open random chests around the world. However, after completing challenges or domains, you may each personally choose to spend your own Original Resin to revitalize the Petrified Tree or Ley Line Blossom to receive individual rewards.

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