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How to Fix PS Store not working in the PS4

How to Fix PS Store not working in the PS4
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Like most games with online connectivity, Genshin Impact has an in-game store where you can spend various in-game currency or real money to buy various goods to enhance your experience in the game. Mobile and PC players have a seamless experience with their in-game stores but PS4 players may encounter a problem when trying to access the same in-game store. Please read more below to learn how to fix this and know what is causing the issue. In this page, we will discuss how to address the issue with the PS Store not inaccessible in Genshin Impact.

The Error

When accessing the in-game store from the start menu, players will get this error message. After ensuring that you’re logged in properly and you have good internet access, this can be quite confusing since there are bundles and individual top-up items available in the game’s PS Store page if you browse it manually. So what gives?

How to Fix PS Store not working in the PS4

The Cause

It seems that this issue is related to the regional version of the game where you downloaded it. You may encounter this issue if you have two accounts in different regions (for example Asia and US). If you downloaded the game using your Asian PSN account, you can access your in-game store just fine. However, since you can also launch Genshin Impact using a different account, you may encounter problems on that account’s in-game store especially if it’s in a different region.

Using the same example, the game is downloaded via the Asian PSN store, then the player logs off/ switches over to the profile with the US account, he can still launch the game but will have problems with the in-game store. This can also happen the other way around.

The Fix

Before applying the fix, you should decide first which of the two accounts will you be playing from hereon. To fix the problem, you have to delete the game then redownload it from the PS Store of the account/region you want to use. Don’t worry about your account since your progress is kept on the server side, not on your device.

In the example above, we will delete the game, log in to the US PSN Store, then re-download the game from there. This will solve the in-game store problem of the US account but the Asian account will have the same problem instead. It’s good to have two regional accounts, especially if you want to play with friends in different regions but unless this issue is fixed both ways, you can only select one account to have a working in-game store.

How to Fix PS Store not working in the PS4

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