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How to Farm Primogems
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How to Farm Primogems

Primogems is the game’s premium currency and can be used in a lot of ways. This is quite valuable and hard to come-by, especially for free-to-play players. As such, it is mostly saved up and used in Wishes for a chance to get high-grade characters and equipment. While this is easily purchased using real money, the game offers a variety of other methods that will allow you to collect free Primogems by simply playing the game.

Primogems can be bought using real money from the in-game store. You can also opt to get the Blessing of the Welkin Moon which serves as a premium subscription that will instantly give you 300 Genesis Crystals and you’ll also receive a daily gift of 90 primogems over the course of 30 days. This is the easiest way to get a lot of primogems in a short amount of time and will surely benefit whales. (terms used for players who spend a lot of money in a game, especially in mobile games)

However, we’re not here to discuss how you need to spend money but learn How to Farm Primogems for free. While it is true that players who will spend money will have a distinct advantage in progressing faster and have the higher chance of getting top-tier characters, take note that this is primarily a single-player game and there’s really no need for high-end stuff unless you want bragging rights. So with that aside, let’s list down the different methods of acquiring Primogems.

Opening High-Quality Chests

This will be your primary source of earning (almost) limitless primogems but the most daunting as well. There’s a lot of chests scattered in the world. However, only Exquisite, Precious, and Luxurious chests will yield some primogems as well when opened. Exquisite and Precious chests will usually require some problem solving as well as defeating strong enemies to spawn or unlock, while Luxurious chests are kept inside shrines which requires Shrine of Depth keys to be obtained.
How to Farm Primogems

Complete Commissions

First, you need to unlock commissions by reaching Adventure Rank 12. There are four daily commissions that you can take. Each commission will give you 10 primogems and completing all four will give you another 20, allowing you to earn up to 60 primogems daily. You should diligently do this daily as soon as possible.
How to Farm Primogems

Completing World Quests

The game offers a lot of quests that provide various rewards but you have to look out for World Quests. These are usually long, challenging quests that will award you with a good amount of primogems, adventure rank exp, and items. You can find quest-givers by exploring the world; they’ll appear usually with the blue exclamation point in your mini-map. There are also some quests that will be given to you automatically after reaching certain locations.
How to Farm Primogems

Complete Investigation Tasks

Once you unlock the Adventurer Handbook feature, you'll see some tasks listed within the Experience tab. Completing all quests listed will allow you to collect the completion reward, which will usually involve a substantial amount of primogems.
How to Farm Primogems

Activating Statues of the Seven and Teleport Waypoints

There’s a fixed number of statues and teleport waypoints so you can only get a certain amount of primogems from this method. Furthermore, you’ll only get a handful of primogems by activating new statues/waypoints.
How to Farm Primogems

Login or event rewards

There are certain periods where you can get primogems by simply logging in or completing event tasks. If you’re regularly playing the game, you won’t miss these chances of earning free primogems.
How to Farm Primogems

Developer giveaways or compensation

Sometimes, developers will give away compensation primogems if there are fixes done to the game due to reported issues. There are also free primogems given for reaching certain milestones in the game, like reaching a certain number of players, and other events.
How to Farm Primogems

Complete Abyss Corridor Floors

This is unlocked once you've reached Adventurer Rank 21. This is a dungeon where you have to tackle several floors of increasingly powerful enemies with a selection of buffs/debuffs that you can apply to your party. The elemental advantages/disadvantages will vary each floor so having a high-leveled and properly equipped party with different elements is recommended when trying to tackle the challenges of this abyss. You'll obtain a substantial amount of primogems and mora as you clear more floors.
How to Farm Primogems

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