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How to Cross-Save and Cross-Play Work in Genshin Impact?

How to Cross-Save and Cross-Play Work in Genshin Impact?
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Genshin Impact is already out and it probably piqued your interest after seeing friends or seeing it in gaming news. This BOTW-inspired action-RPG is one of the hottest titles now, as the game is available on multiple platforms. Genshin Impact’s Cross-Save and Cross-Platform features can be a key selling point, especially for players who want to play with their friends. Want to know more how these features work in the game? Please read more below.

How to Cross-Save and Cross-Play Work in Genshin Impact?

Update: 7/24/21Version 2.0 is out! Cross-save between PSN and mobile/PC is now enabled. Please check out this link for more information!

First, let’s discuss cross-save. So far, this feature only works on the PC and mobile platforms. It’s also understandable that cross-save won’t work with the PS4 since it has its own infrastructure and data security. PS4 players can still play with their friends who are using other platforms but there’s no way for PS4 players to resume their progress on PC or mobile. Besides, it’s more convenient being able to play on the PC with its enhanced graphics and on the mobile device while you’re on the go (as long as you have decent hardware to run the game on these platforms).

Next, let’s discuss cross-platform play. As mentioned earlier, the game is available on PC, mobile (Android or IOS), and PS4. This simply means that players on these platforms can add each other as friends using UIDs (unique ID) and even join together for coop play. However, something that’s not mentioned regularly is that cross-platform as regional/server lock. That means only players belonging to the same region can see and play with each other. Let’s cite some examples below.

* A PS4 player with US-based PSN account (UIDs start with 600) can’t play with friends with accounts located in asian servers (UIDs start with 800)

* The same PS4 player with an Asian PSN account will be able to play with friends who have asian server accounts, regardless of platform.

* A PS4 player with a US-based PSN account will be able to play with friends who have US server accounts, regardless of platform.

Finally, let’s discuss a bit how cross-saves work. Surprisingly, they’re simple and most of this is thanks to reliable internet connectivity. You see, all your account data and progression are stored in the server side of the game - very much like an MMO. That’s why it’s supposedly straightforward retrieving and saving your game progress tied to your account on mobile and PC.

With all things considered, just be careful with the region of the account you’re setting up to avoid loss of progress or the risk of being unable to play with your peers as you wanted!

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