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Mysterious Conch (Hamayumi Blueprint)

Mysterious Conch (Hamayumi Blueprint)
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Genshin Impact is a live-service, massive, open-world RPG, released on the mobile, PC, and PS4/PS5 platforms. Version 2.0 is a massive update that opens up the third main region in the game, Inazuma. This island archipelago offers a lot of new activities, enemies, challenges, puzzles, and more to the player. In our Mysterious Conch guide, we will discuss how to collect these conches and what to do with them while you’re in Inazuma.

What are Mysterious Conches?

Mysterious Conches are quest items that you can collect and give to a nearby NPC (where you’ve collected them) for a chance to get the Hamayumi (bow) blueprint. This blueprint is one of the Amethyst series of free weapons that you can craft by using Inazuma-exclusive Amethyst and the rare weapon billets dropped by weekly bosses.
Mysterious Conch (Hamayumi Blueprint)

Where can you get these Conches?

These conches are scattered in the unnamed beach east of Nazuchi Beach and north of Tatarasuna (see screenshot below). On the first day upon getting one, you can get up to 7 conches. On the following days, you can get up to 4 pieces daily. They appear as ordinary shining spots as you would normally see when investigating hidden items to collect them. The spots where they can spawn get changed daily as well.
Mysterious Conch (Hamayumi Blueprint)

Where do you trade Mysterious Conches?

There’s an NPC named Takashi inside a shell-like building nearby and with three wooden chests behind him. You can trade 3 mysterious conches per day, for a chance to open one of the three chests. The grand prize is the aforementioned Hamayumi weapon blueprint; if you chose incorrectly, you’ll only collect vegetables and fruits. You can only open one chest per day.

Keep opening these chests daily for seven days and you’ll get the weapon blueprint. We can’t confirm if there’s a chance to get the blueprint before seven days is up but rest assured you’ll get the blueprint on the 7th day. More importantly, you don’t need to open the chests on consecutive days.
Mysterious Conch (Hamayumi Blueprint)

Hamayumi is a great free weapon that you can craft and is even considered to be one of the good weapons that are part of the Amethyst weapon series. After learning the blueprint, you’ll be able to craft the weapon as long as you have the required materials on any blacksmith stall in all regions or the unmanned one in your Serenitea Pot.

This concludes our short guide about Mysterious Conches in the Inazuma region in Genshin Impact. Please check out our other pages within the guide for more helpful tips and Genshin Impact content.

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