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What is Auto-Combat?

What is Auto-Combat?
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As the name suggests, Auto-Combat is a feature where your character will automatically and actively engage all nearby enemies, using all skills currently equipped in his/her loadout. This feature is only unlocked after awakening your Black Spirit to LV2. (Story mission) Once you’ve unlocked this feature, you’ll be using it often especially when farming enemy kills and most quests.

When you used Auto-Path on a quest that involves killing enemies, your character will automatically enter Auto-Combat once available. You can also toggle this feature on or off by pressing the Auto-Combat button to the left of your HP/MP gauge at the bottom of the screen.

What is Auto-Combat?

When in auto-combat, your character will not be able to dodge automatically (you can still dodge manually), will automatically use health potions and healing items, and will not be able to pick up enemy drops on their own. These drops can be picked up by your pets automatically but at a fixed interval and when they're not hungry. That’s why it’s still a good idea to check your character regularly to pick up the loot.

What is Auto-Combat?

You can also still freely control your character and use their skills as needed. Don’t worry about your character running out of MP for his/her skills. The game’s AI is very efficient in ensuring that your character will continue attacking and chain attacks.

Auto-Combat cannot be used when fighting bosses for the first time. However, after defeating that boss once, you’ll be able to use Auto-Combat on Boss Rush missions.

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