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Blood Kin

Blood Kin
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This system allows you to form Pacts with close allies or other adventurers. Players in a Blood Kin pact will receive passive boosts to combat EXP, attack, and defense, as well as access to 2 Blood Kin exclusive quests. To access this feature, launch your Main Menu, tap Social, then the Blood Kin tab.

Blood Kin

To accept or send requests to other players, tap the “+” button on the lower-left corner of the Blood Kin screen. You can search players’ names and send your request. You can only send a request to players who are not yet part of an existing Blood Kin group. Also, if you haven’t accepted a request, it will be declined automatically after 7 days.

Blood Kin

A Blood Kin group can have up to three members. Members of the group can break the bond and leave the group as they please. If the group only has 1 player, it will be disbanded automatically.

To activate the buffs, the members of the blood kin must press the “Affirm Pact” button. Only one member of the group needs to do this. For a blood kin with 3 members, at least two players must press the button; otherwise, only the boosts for 2 members will become active. The quests are given weekly and can only be completed once a week.

Blood Kin Members Combat EXP Boost Stat Boost No. of BK Quests
2 members Combat EXP +3% AP+10, DP+10 1
3 members Combat EXP +5% AP+15, DP+15 2

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