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Boss Rush Mode

Boss Rush Mode
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What is Boss Rush Mode?

This mode allows you to fight again the bosses you’ve defeated before for more loot and deepen your Knowledge about them, giving you permanent stat boosts in the process. This feature is unlocked as soon as you defeat the first boss, Red Nose early in the game.

Additional Notes:
* You can use Auto-Battle in Boss Rush Mode.
* At least do the Daily Task requiring to complete x3 Boss Rush to get Lightstone Fragment x20
* Boss Rushes are instances; you won’t get any drops from the normal mob inside the stage and they won’t count towards your Black Spirit Quests as well.
Boss Rush Mode

How to Enter Boss Rush Mode?

You can launch the Boss Rush mode screen from the main menu or from the Rush Board structure back in your camp. To fight a boss, you’ll need a Pass. A Pass can be obtained by exchanging 3 Boss Stamps or 5 Black Pearls. Take note that you’ll get random Passes for the available bosses in your list.
Boss Rush Mode
Boss Rush Mode

Boss Rush Preparation

You’ll start off at Difficulty 1. Once you defeat the boss in its current difficulty, you’ll be able to unlock the next difficulty. Defeating bosses at higher difficulty yields more Knowledge gain and better rewards. With the Combat Plus buff active, you have a multiplier limit increased by 5. From this screen, you can also set whether you want to auto-repeat the boss rush and/or increase the difficulty every time you clear it. Auto-Repeat will continue until you use up all your available Passes for that boss.
Boss Rush Mode

Boss Rush Strategy

Since you’re fighting the same bosses again at increasing difficulty, there’s really no need to change your strategy as you fought them the first time around. You can set your character in Auto-Battle then just manually control the heal, buff, or evade activation.
Boss Rush Mode

After defeating the boss, you’ll see your rewards, your Knowledge progress, and the amount of passes remaining. You can also Retry the fight the boss at the current combat level, fight it at a higher difficulty, or “Confirm” to exit.
Boss Rush Mode

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