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Equipping Skills

Equipping Skills
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You can equip up to 8 skills at once to your quick-slots, and have up to three sets to have different loadouts. These are the skills that will appear in the lower-right corner of your screen during combat and what your character will use during auto-combat. You can equip the same skill on several slots but their cooldowns will remain the same.

Equipping Skills

Equipping Skills

You should consider equipping skills that has combos to increase their effectiveness. You can find the Skill Combos button on the Skills screen, by the preview section. If your character can also learn healing skills, make sure to equip them as well. Consider equipping skills that will give you ranged and AoE capabilities. You may adjust this depending on your preset; like skill combinations that are intended for PvP, bosses, or general exploration.

Equipping Skills

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