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Black Spirit Mode

Black Spirit Mode
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This helpful feature will become available after defeating the second main story boss, Giath. Once unlocked, you can access this button from the main menu, on the lower-right. You can take advantage of this very helpful feature so that your Black Spirit can Auto Hunt, Auto Gather, or Auto Fishing on your behalf while you’re offline or not playing the game.

Black Spirit Mode

Black Spirit Mode

Auto Hunt

For this mode, your black spirit will adventure for you for 3 hours or until your inventory reaches 200% of its capacity. So far, this seems to be the best Black Spirit Mode to choose since your character gains EXP, loot, trading items, and junk that you can sell.

This will require your character to have ample amounts of HP Potions in your inventory. Depending on your class and the strength of the mobs where you logged out, this stock of potions will deplete as necessary. Normally, if you’re hunting in an area with relatively lower CP and with a melee class, you’ll notice that your stock of HP Potions will deplete very slowly or don’t even deplete at all compared to a “softer” class like witches and rangers which can easily deplete a full stock of potions.

When you trigger Auto Hunt in town or a village, the game will send your Black Spirit to a recommended area. If you want to farm on a specific location because of the mobs’ possible drops, then travel to that area then do your Auto Hunting there.

Black Spirit Mode

Here are some additional pointers when Auto Hunting:

* You can complete quests that involves killing X number of enemies while Auto Hunting. This is very useful when doing repeatable and Black Spirit quests, especially on high level versions since that involves killing thousands of mobs.

* The bonding effect with your horse will not count down while you’re offline.

* You’ll still be able to collect treasure chests dropped by mobs automatically as long as your pets are not hungry.

Whenever you log back in again after Auto Hunting, your character will most likely be over encumbered with lots of various loot and junk. If your character exceeded his/her limit, she will suffer a weight penalty/debuff which lowers the character’s attack power by 20%. That’s why you should do the following after logging back in from Auto-Hunting:

* Fast-travel to the nearest town then sell all your junk to any vendor.

* Feed your pets

* Use (auto learn) all skill books

* Open all chests that you might have your inventory

* Feed Condensed Dark Energy crystals and unwanted items to your Black Spirit

Auto Gather

For this mode, your black spirit will forage, mine, or log on your behalf, for 3 hours or until your inventory reaches 200% of its capacity. You can only activate this mode if you have an almost full amount of stamina and can be a great way to gather materials for your camp.

Auto Fishing

For this mode, your Black Spirit will fish on your behalf for 3 hours or until your inventory reaches 200% of its capacity. You can only trigger this mode when you’re in a fishing spot. These can be done on any body of water including ponds, rivers, and shores. As long as your character is holding a fishing rod, you can use this option. Unlike the other modes, you won’t lose anything when Auto Fishing since there’s no consumable used when doing this activity.

Black Spirit Mode

How to Improve BSM

Black Spirit Plus is an optional booster that you can purchase using microtransactions. When availed, this extends the BSM duration to 6 hours (instead of 3) and gives you a temporary +800 LT. The effect seems to be active for 14 days.

Black Spirit Mode

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