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Nightmare Mode

Nightmare Mode
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What is Nightmare Mode?

Nightmare Mode is a PvPvE (player vs player vs environment) mode where field monsters are much stronger and PvP mode is always enabled. You’ll be able to fight other non-guild adventurers, including your friends. Due to stronger monsters, you have a higher chance to get higher grade rewards. You have a chance of getting a Mythic-grade Accessory by defeating Violent monsters or Boss: Hexe Marie in a Nightmare zone. (Hexe Marie appears every 1-3 days)
Nightmare Mode

How to Enter Nightmare Mode?

As of this article’s writing, there’s only one location where you can enter Nightmare Mode. That’s in Southwest Calphaeon > Witch’s Chapel. The suggested CP is 2700 but do expect to encounter overpowered adventurers in this location.
Nightmare Mode
Nightmare Mode

Player Limit

This instance that only hold up to 100 adventurers. Once the cap has been reached, no one else can enter until a slot becomes available.
Nightmare Mode

Benefits of PvP

Defeated adventurers in Nightmare don’t drop anything or provide other rewards aside from extending your time limit. You’ll be able to see other players in your mini-map.

Time Limit

Upon entering, you can only stay for 5 minutes. You can renew this limit by defeating monsters and other adventurers. Players who didn’t renew their time limit will be kicked and transported back to the Nightmare entrance. If there are 80 or more adventurers inside the instance, the only way you can renew your time limit is by defeating other Adventurers.
Nightmare Mode

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