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What is Node Manager?

What is Node Manager?
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Node Manager is like a separate game mode where you can send workers to collect various items for you. You can access it on the lower-left corner of the main menu or from the Trading Post in your Camp.

What is Node Manager?

This is a great source of items and income, as well as random, rare gifts that you can give to NPCs. The allocated workers in your Nodes will be dedicated there; which means they can’t build structures in your camp or send them to resource gathering runs while they’re assigned on the nodes.

What is Node Manager?

The number of workers you can allocate to nodes will increase as your Node Manager LV increases. As your Node Manager LV increases, so does the nodes you can occupy, the workers you can send, and the rewards you’ll receive. Your Node Manager Level will slowly increase as you collect resources from nodes, resolved issues, or picked up items.

What is Node Manager?

What is Node Manager?

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