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How to Manage your LT

How to Manage your LT
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* Your horse has its own inventory slot and LT. You can use this extra storage while exploring.

* Skill Books have weight so use them immediately whenever you have new ones. Consider storing skill books of skills you haven’t unlocked yet or will take a while to unlock. Even if you use the auto-learn feature, your character will only use the books for the skills you currently have.
How to Manage your LT

* If you don’t see that many items in your inventory but your LT is still high, check if you have sacks or chests that you haven’t opened yet. Tap the Open Chests button to display all unopened bundles
How to Manage your LT

* Black Stones have weight. Consider using them to enhance your weapons since there’s no really any benefit of hoarding them.

* Lightstones and crystals have weight too. If you’re carrying a lot, consider Fusing them or leave them in your camp storage.

* Don’t keep fish or farm products (collected from animals in your camp’s ranch) in your inventory. You can sell fish to the Fish Vendors found in every town or village. You can also store them as food for your camp.
How to Manage your LT

* Check your items for Trade items. These are very valuable items that you can deliver to Trade Merchants in exchange for a good amount of money. You can obtain these through random chests dropped by enemies.
How to Manage your LT

* Potions take a lot of weight at around 2.5 each. Consider removing low-grade potions as you grow stronger to get some space back. You can deposit them to your camp storage so your low-level characters can use them, in case you create new ones.

* Don’t carry seeds around and put them in storage. You can easily get them back to you inventory when you need to plant them.

* Consider feeding your unwanted equipment, weapons, and accessories to your Black Spirit. You can also posting some of these in the Market and hope that other players buy it to get some silver back.
How to Manage your LT

* You can buy inventory boosters that permanently increase your inventory slots and LT from the Pearl Shop. You can get some permanent LT boosters through certain, late-game story quests.
How to Manage your LT

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