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Character Creation

Character Creation
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When starting a new game, you’ll have to select which region you want to play in. Take note that you can’t change your region after selecting it so choose carefully. Region selection seems to be tied with your account as well.

After selecting the region, you have to select one of the many servers available for that region. You can switch between servers in the same region, though your characters and game progress will only exist on the server they were created in.

Character Creation

Once you select a server, you’ll be asked to create a Family name. You can consider this as your “account” name and will be required to be unique This will be shared by all the characters you created, regardless of what server you play. You can only change your Family name by buying a Family Name Change Coupon from the Pearl Shop (in-game premium shop).

Character Creation

You can create up to 6 characters on the same server. However, only character three slots are available for free. Additional character slots can be unlocked by buying Character Expansion Coupons. The names you can give your characters doesn't need to be unique but they're still subject to the game's filters.

Character Creation

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