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Where to Get More Skill Books

Where to Get More Skill Books
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You can get plenty of skill books from enemy drops (even while in Black Spirit Mode), Resource Node gathering, quest rewards, reward chests, event rewards, and from Skillbook chests from Talish’s Shop. If you received Skillbook Chests, make sure to open them first before you can use the skill books inside.
Where to Get More Skill Books

You can also buy more skill books from vendors in towns and cities. After buying them all, there’s a cooldown you have to wait for them to restock. Don’t worry since the skill books they’ll sell will be exclusive to your class. You may even stock up on skill books for skills you haven’t acquired yet. (They will not be consumed when you automatically use all skill books at once) Skill Book vendors share the same cooldown. If you have a lot of stamina to spare, consider refreshing the list of skill books so you can buy another batch again. You can do this 5 times a day.
Where to Get More Skill Books

Another source of skill books is via the Market, which are sold by other players. I suggest buying only the Passive skill books here, primarily the passives that increase your character’s attack.
Where to Get More Skill Books

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