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Feeding your Camp

Feeding your Camp
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Food is a major resource in your camp since it is consumed by your workers on all activities that involve them. There are several ways to keep your camp well-fed.

1. Upgrade your Food Storage

This structure not only increases your food storage capacity, but it also produces food at a steady rate (10 food every 10 minutes). Make sure not to exceed your storage limit since the excess food will just be wasted.

Feeding your Camp

2. Build a Ranch

You’ll be able to build a ranch by proceeding with the main story and defeating the boss Orgoh. After building the ranch, buy Chicken or Sheep Writs from the animal vendors on major towns and cities. You can then use these writs to place chicken and sheep in your ranch. Your ranch will only have a limited number of slots but this can be increased by upgrading your ranch. Chickens are worth 1 slot each while sheep are worth 2 slots.

Feeding your Camp

Chickens produce eggs and sheep produce milk steadily. After production, you can collect these and store them to your food storage if you want. If you’re desperate, you can also Butcher your animals for a huge amount of food but that will permanently remove them from the ranch and you’ll have to buy Writs again. Occasionally, you’ll also be able to collect Golden Eggs or Golden Wools from your animals. These fetch for a huge amount of silver - 200K for the Golden Eggs and 500K for the Wools.

Feeding your Camp

3. Plant in your Garden

You’ll start off with one garden but you can have up to three. Each garden has 9 slots where you can plant seeds. You can get seeds from foraging in the wild or obtain them as free items from Nodes. You can also buy them from the Seed vendors in towns or cities. Different plants give various amounts of food. Higher-grade plants grow slower but give a whole lot more food in return. There’s no problem leaving your crops unattended so you’re not really required to harvest them every time they’re fully grown.

Feeding your Camp

Feeding your Camp

4. Fishing

You can fish from your camp or any (considerably deep) body of water. The fish you’ve caught can be stored in the Food Storage and removed from your inventory. You can also send workers to fish for you.

Feeding your Camp

Feeding your Camp

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