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Conquering the Ancient Ruins

Conquering the Ancient Ruins
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What is the Ancient Ruins?

This is a multiplayer coop mission or instance where you can join a group of up to 5 adventurers to fight the ancient warrior Kabuamilles. This can be unlocked by completing a story quest early on. Once unlocked, you can launch this mode from your camp’s Expedition Gateway structure or from a button on the left side of your main menu.
Conquering the Ancient Ruins

How to Enter the Ancient Ruins

To enter the Ancient Ruins, you’ll need a special currency called Ancient Tablets. These can be acquired from the following sources:
* Daily Black Spirit Quests
* Daily Task (Complete Guild Quest)
* Enemy drops
* Purchased from the shop
* Farmed from Nodes
Conquering the Ancient Ruins

Ancient Ruins Difficulty and Rewards

Before entering the Ancient Ruins, you’ll have to select the difficulty appropriate to your character’s CP. Obviously, higher difficulty yields better rewards but with increasing amount of ancient tablets required per entry. Fortunately, you can freely adjust the comfortably difficulty you want to tackle.
Conquering the Ancient Ruins

After successfully creating a room or joining another party, you can tap Ready when your preparations are over. If you have a lot of ancient tablets available, you can spend them as Multipliers to increase your rewards. You can set this by tapping Settings on the upper-right corner of the screen.
Conquering the Ancient Ruins

In the example image below, the entry cost for this difficulty is 10 tablets. I can spend 30 tablets so the rewards will be multiplied by 3 (75 gold coins, 44001 EXP, 132000 silver). Take note that the Available Rewards list are not guaranteed. That just means you have the chance to get rewards up to that grade. You can only set up to a maximum of 11 multipliers.
Conquering the Ancient Ruins

If you party has less than 5 participants, the Room Leader can start with the current amount of party members or wait for a few seconds for the game to fill the ranks with Adventurer’s Apparations or AI-controlled fighters that will depend on the participants’ class, CP, and level range.
Conquering the Ancient Ruins

Ancient Ruins Strategy

Once the battle starts, you can just set your character on Auto but you have to manually use the evade button to avoid unnecessary damage and your healing spell/skill, if your character has one. For the first part of the battle, just keep attacking the Ancient Warrior until it uses a shield.
Conquering the Ancient Ruins

Once it does, you have to destroy three amplifiers providing power to the shield. After destroying all three, the shield will be removed and you can proceed in attacking Kabuamilles again. Keep repeating this process until you lower its HP down further.
Conquering the Ancient Ruins

Once it’s down to its last 10 HP bars, it will summon two spirits. Keep focusing on the ancient warrior while also keeping an eye out of its AoE attacks. The spirits can be defeated quickly but they’ll most likely get caught and die in your party’s attacks anyway. The boss will have a “last hurrah” attack that can heavily damage all party members. Low defense or underequipped members will most likely die from this shot but don’t worry since there’s no consequences for dying in this battle.
Conquering the Ancient Ruins

After the battle, you’ll see the rewards screen and you can now exit. Don’t forget to leave the party or disband it if you don’t have enough Ancient Tablets anymore.
Conquering the Ancient Ruins

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