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Penalty for Exceeding LT

Penalty for Exceeding LT
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If your character exceeded his/her limit, she will suffer a weight penalty/debuff which lowers the character’s attack power by 20%. You’ll normally encounter this when you leave your character on Auto Hunt (Black Spirit Mode) while still carrying unnecessary stuff. Fortunately, this debuff or penalty can be easily removed by simply lightening up your load. We have a dedicated page with tips on how to manage your inventory.

Penalty for Exceeding LT

Another option for those who are willing to spend and can afford it, is to get a Black Spirit Plus buff. This is an optional booster that you can purchase. When availed, this extends the BSM duration to 6 hours (instead of 3) and gives you a temporary +800 LT. The effect can remain active for 14 days after purchasing.

Penalty for Exceeding LT

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