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Arena is a PvP mode where you’ll face a random adventurer or invite a friend in a 1v1 fight. To participate, your character must be at least LV25. You can invite friends or guild mates to a friendly match in the Friendly Arena. The entry cost is 2,500 silver (which is paid by the person who created the invite) and can be used for 30 minutes. A maximum of 10 participants can enter at once.


The Matchmaking will pair you up with an opponent based on your CP and ranking. It's recommended to have a PvP-dedicated Skill set, depending on your character's class. If you’re not able to be matched with another player in 30 seconds, you will fight for the illusion of adventurer. The class for the illusion of adventurer will be random and you’ll only get 50% of arena points when you win against the illusion of adventurer.


You will get an Arena Chest for winning a match. The winning reward and season reward can be acquired based on the accumulated Arena points. You can only open one Arena Chest at once so if you’re aiming for the higher-grade reward chest, you’ll have to earn a lot more Arena points to open it.


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