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How to Fish

How to Fish
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You can fish almost anywhere with a body of water like seashore, pools, streams, rivers, etc. Most towns with a Fish merchant has a body of water where you can fish from. You can even fish in your camp’s stream. To see if a location has a Fishing Spot, simply tap the Area Info button on the top-left side of your screen. Fishing regularly will increase your Fishing level which will improve your overall Life Skill level.
How to Fish

You don’t need to obtain a fishing rod or bait to fish. Simply approach a body of water where you can fish and your character will automatically take out his/her fishing rod. The command icon on the lower-right corner will change as well. Press it once to cast the line then wait until a fish bites your line. The icon on the lower-right will shine when a fish bites your line. Tap it once to reel in your catch.
How to Fish

In the following prompt, tap the indicator as it passes the green line to successfully catch a fish.
How to Fish

The fish you caught can be surrendered to a fish merchant or stored as food while you’re in your camp. There are also daily quests that you can accept from fish merchants and will involve catching specific fish.You can also use the Auto-fishing feature by standing by a fishing spot and logging off there via Black Spirit mode.
How to Fish
How to Fish

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