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How to use Area Information

How to use Area Information
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Area Information is unlocked quite early in the game. To access this information, tap the button on the upper-left corner of the screen, beside the map.

How to use Area Information

Once unlocked, you can use this helpful feature to find several key information in the area you’re in, as listed below:

* Suggested CP (combat power) to safely tackle the mobs (enemies) in that area

* List of available mobs with their respective hostility (whether they’ll attack you preemptively or retaliatory), CPs, and Levels

* Loot drop level (higher loot drop means better drops of course)

* Identify which mobs you’ve yet to acquire Knowledge from.

* Selective Quests from NPCs (if applicable) You can even move to the quest-giver’s location via Auto Path.

* Extra information like if the area has wild horses, fishing spots, etc.

How to use Area Information

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