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This is an important feature in the game that allows you to upgrade your weapons, equipment and accessories, to permanently increase their stats. Once an item is enhanced, it will have a “+X” marker on it, indicating the number of times the item was already enhanced. As of this writing, an item can be enhanced up to +35 but this can change depending on the game’s future updates or patches.

The actual enhancement will always require Silver to pay for the cost. On top of that, you’ll also need Black Stones. Weapon Black Stones are required for enhancing weapons while Armor Black Stones are needed for enhancing armor pieces. Black stones come in 4 different grades: Poor (green), Fair (blue), Good (purple), and Grand (Orange).

Each Black Stone will increase the Success Rate of enhancing the item; the better the grade, the higher success rate it gives. So for example, if a black stone gives 25% per piece, you’ll need to “feed” your equipment 4 of that black stone to reach 100%. You can also mix-and-match various grades of black stones, until you reach a high success rate. You’re not required to reach 100% success rate but at least, it will give you peace of mind that the enhancement doesn’t fail.

The success rate will also get smaller and smaller as you reach higher enhancement levels. So for example, when enhancing a +22 item, a fair black stone may give a +2.35% per piece. The same type of stone will only give a +1.65% boost when you use it on a +23 item.

Accessories are much harder to enhance since you’ll need to “feed” them with their exact copies to enhance them. This is especially true for accessories with Rare grade up. To keep your accessories enhanced, keep an eye out for copies that may get offered in Talish’s Shop or if they become available in the Market. Take note that the consumed copy will not be recovered and you can only use “base” copies (without enhancements) as enhancement material.

If your weapon/equipment enhancement fails, the consumed black stones and silver will not be reimbursed and the success rate will be reset. You can use a Restore Scroll or pay the required amount of silver to restore a portion of the success rate so you don’t have to start at 0% again. If you fail while enhancing accessories, their enhancements will reset back to 0 so restoration using Restore Scrolls and Silver is a MUST.

Relics can also be enhanced but they have to be the SAME EXACT copy, including the branch it supports. For example, you can't enhance a Berni Relic: Aal using a Berni Relic: Serett. You can only enhance a relic up to +5.

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