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Horse Basics

Horse Basics
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Horses are not only a valuable mode of transport in Black Desert Mobile, it also provides players with long-lasting buffs and extra inventory space where they can temporarily store their loot while exploring.

You’ll earn your first horse very early in the game. Horses are shared by all characters in the same family. Your horse’s icon will be in the same spot as your pets in the middle-left corner of the screen. Tapping your horse’s icon will summon it immediately, which allows you to bond with it to get a long-lasting buff or access its inventory so you can temporarily dump your stuff there. If you haven’t mounted or used your horse, it will leave but you can summon it again as necessary.
Horse Basics

Your horse is also automatically summoned when you use the Auto-Path feature of the game to automatically go to the places of interest, NPCs, objects, etc. You can change the minimum distance to your target where your horse will be summoned by accessing the Menu > Settings > Convenience Tab as shown below:
Horse Basics

When riding your horse manually or via Auto-path, you can still steer it manually or use its skills. You can also dismount from it as needed.
Horse Basics

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